Red Pill Vignette – The Woman in Red


My time here had been shit – a lesion in my back and flu symptoms, apart from the interminable heat.

This was supposed to be a Jaunt and felt more like a Taunt. Still, I pushed through and came out on the street to meet Hungarian women.

The trip felt like a reconnaissance in case I ever get sent to Europe for work and needed to pick the cities I’d like to visit the most on a cheap Easyjet flight.

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Red Pill Vignette – The Czech Woman


I am in Berlin at the moment, supposedly on a Eurojaunt … yet my leads (French Banker, Miss Boulder, The Neighbour) are drying up rapidly so more like a Eurotaunt. In the meantime I will write about some of the highlights of my Red Pill existence in the form of vignettes, or small character studies.

The idea of vignettes came from a book I read many years ago – A Writer’s Notebook by W. Somerset Maugham. He would compile short anecdotes, stories and draft short character studies of people he met in his life. Some of these would form characters in his novels.

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