Photo Essay – Tiergarten and the Brandenburg Gate


I purchased a book called Camera Game from Goldmund Unleashed ( late last year, ostensibly to learn how to game women through street photography and sleep with them.

Over time, however, my interest in photography became greater than the Game element associated with it. A true transition where the object is developing the photography and artistic skill set and the reward is the possibility of meeting and seducing a receptive woman.

Game IS a project for me – but so is music, singing, dance, photography and writing. These interests provide a healthy balance to counteract the dark forces of leads you have not responded to you, “blue balls”, flakey dates and LMR.

TL;DR: Photographic essay of a famous park in Berlin. The article is mostly Game-free. You can skip if you want – this is a philosophical musing about my life and is as long and meandering as a walk through the Tiergarten.

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