Ego Burst

TL;DR – reason behind desire to learn Daygame/pickup and document my seduction journey

Life wasn’t meant to be easy.

At 37, having had a successful career, travelled the world for pleasure and work, and with a host of interests and passions under my belt – music, singing, comedy, dance, languages – I decided that once-and-for-all I would slay the beast and learn seduction and pickup.

It was an ego burst – I had the look, the lip and the personality and yet, and yet … ten missed approaches on Day One.

Like many men, learning seduction and pickup is borne out of failure with women, of a lack of early reference experiences, of not possessing any of the natural abilities other men have to seduce women. Really it’s a battle to overcome the Beta, slay the fat kid mentality, burn the Nice Guy image. For me, it was never settling for things I didn’t really like in my life and yet I still failed at.

The Daygame desire came at a cruel time – I left my four year old son to live with his mother and, after a period of grief, on the return drive listened to a host of Tom Torero podcasts on daygame and pickup. I arrived home, ended a monogamous relationship I was in, and dove deep into pickup, Red Pill and the desire to never again fail at things I didn’t really want for my life.

This is a truly transformative process – the changing nature of a man becomes clear. I have learnt, in a very short time, that I can go after what I want with women – and get it. The frame is the thing – women begin to respond to what you want and accept the frame that you present.

I will document in the next post the reframing process with the person wit which I had a monogamous relationship … that is now non-monogamous and hotter than ever.

Day One: Daygame

Zero approaches.

The weasels got to me early on and I approached old men and women, couples, a black guy on holiday, and wait staff. Ended up with four great portrait shots with my camera … but the purpose was to make ten approaches to women I found attractive.

Missed approaches:

1. Asian girl taking selfies next to the harbour

2. Her Latin friend

3. Blonde girl on the blanket in the park

4. Dreamy Arab girl who walked past me

5. Dreamy Latin girl in an orange top

6. Arab girl on the train who looked troubled

7. Brunette in matching leather pants and jacket

8. Numerous women strolling down the lane way while I had a tea

9. Asian girl on the train

10. Eastern European looking girl at the base of the stairs

The fact I can list these shows that I paid attention to what I found attractive … and then no action.

God help me.

The Journey Begins

Below is a quote highlighting the pain of failing at something you don’t really want in life. To think that our lives could be built on weak desires and weaker wants …. and then to have it all crumble and fail.

“I learned many great lessons from my father. Not the least of which was that: You can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” – Jim Carrey