Thought Bubble 006 – Extracting Sexual Information From Women; and Cuckoldry Humour

TL;DR: Extracting sexual information from women by being the Sex Guy; and how cuckoldry humour is instinctively understood by women.


RP Musicology (@rpmusicology) and I were out last night having a few drinks at an inner city bar known for its borderline personality disorder grungy females.

He remarked that he had a gift of extracting valuable sexual information from a woman by posing as the Sex Guy, ie. non-judgemental, open, relaxed, chill.

He imitated a thumb being put into a girl’s anus and said: “Tell me everything babe, does he fuck you like this?

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Thought Bubble 005 – Sex Challenges and Sex Windows

TL;DR: Girls give men a sex window to work with … and if they are not quick enough, it closes; also discussion of sex challenges and complicated logistics.

Rear Window

Sharing Notes

TodayGame ( and I went daygaming a few days back. Over lunch he told me he was running out of sex ideas with a Colombian girl he was seeing. That Friday night the two of them were planning to go to a house party.

“Why don’t you set yourself a sex challenge and make it your aim to fuck her in a bedroom or bathroom? Or say something to her like ‘find a way for us to fuck or I’m going home in five minutes,'” I proposed to him.

“A bathroom would do,” he said, intrigued. (I think he was intuiting future behaviour).

Which brings us to the topic of Sex Challenges.

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Sexual Marketplace Deregulation

Szechenyi Spa – Eastern Europe at its rawest


I was in Budapest and visited the Szechenyi Spa. It was here, as I sat with a beer, I scanned the landscape of bodies – our rawest sexual asset – and realised how ordinary and AVERAGE everyone looked. In fact, the hottest woman by far (and the loudest) was a young American girl from the South (being American, you hear them before you see them).

Here I realised that in order for me to be sexually competitive as a man, I just need to be above average in my marketplace. Unfortunately, the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is particularly competitive SMV-wise and I just do not put in enough effort and responsibility to become that Top Guy.

As a result of the teeming masses on display, I decided to improve myself and make myself as competitive as possible as a man.

I need to take total responsibility for my life.

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Thought Bubble 004 – Desire Dissonance and Overtones of Sadness in Online Dating

TL;DR: Quick thought bubble on the disconnect in desire with women you meet online. Also sadness with 25+ women and starting a seduction from Step One.

RP Musicology and I were talking about the strange phenomenon of “desire dissonance” and “overtones of sadness” experienced on dates when you meet a girl online.

Some guys do not experience it; perhaps for RP and I, we are emotionally sensitive and can feel the vibe and sense of the girl.

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Thought Bubble 003 – Physical Beauty and Strength

TL;DR: Summary of observations of physical beauty and strength of men and women naked at a day spa in Berlin. Also checking out penises, micro IOIs, digital detox, tattoos.


I went to Vabali today, ostensibly to experience naked sauna, steam room and spa treatment in the middle of Berlin. I had been there before last July, enjoying an aperol spritz while admiring an assortment of odd bodies.

I put together some thoughts while I was poring through Steve Jabba’s Primal Seduction. It’s a disparate strand of ideas – hold on for the ride.

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