The Empathetic Player: Game, Fraternity and Truths

TL;DR: Summary of my thoughts on the nature and purpose of our fraternal journey through Red Pill/evolutionary biology, seduction, Game and intersexual dynamics.


I don’t know about you and your life – I really don’t. That’s why I’m here – to find out.

I came to this community through a very long pathway of relationship and seduction resources dating back to 2016.

I credit the Red Quest ( with encouraging me to start a blog, and RQ, from my understanding, had another writer who encouraged him to stay in the blogging scene …

… a guy called Nash ( …

… who once profiled a guy called Magnum (

And so on – two guys in New York (Mr V and Runner), one guy in the Pacific North West (RedPillDadPUA), a whole host of guys who reached out to me when I wrote about my health issues, Yoylo who read the blog (we are now friends), TodayGame4 in Sydney and Giant Shield up in Darwin – and many others.

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Lay Report 004 – Peach

Above: her arse in emoji

The Set Up

I joined an online site and chose my best professional photos including a few pictures of me singing and playing the piano. Like many curious men on dating sites, I scrolled through the male profiles to scan the competition and saw a selection of dreadful images – men with half-eaten heads in the pic, bathroom selfies, and late night shots over a glowing laptop. I would have hated to be a chick cutting through the crap to get to a top quality guy.

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Lay Report 007 – Scout

TL;DR: Dinner with YoyloPUA led to a late night fuck with an Aussie chick who closed ME in record time! Floundering dick behaviour, cigarettes, booze and emergent erectile power – one very WEIRD night.


I had met YoyloPUA a few weeks back. He was a self-confessed DJ and we set up a time where he would show me how to play vinyl and CDJ decks. In return I would help him with winging for his nascent daygaming journey.

We bonded over super-priced Pioneer mixers and turntables, sipping red wine and talking about Game interspersed with dropping the bass and breakdowns. (Hey, I’m an acoustic musician).

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Guest Lay Report 003 – Amadeus and the Hotel Girl

TL;DR: Amadeus went to the snow last weekend and picked up Hotel Girl, an employee, in record time. Brief summary of his journey to date.


I met Amadeus at a poker game last week. We bonded over a cigarette on some nondescript shoebox apartment in Pyrmont – and unlike many men, we actually shared things very quickly which were personal and frankly embarrassing.

Amadeus was a virgin until he was 25. He told me that he was fed up going to work, coming home, and having very little to do in his life. Late last year he got into pickup and told me that he had slept with 15 girls since then.

It is very difficult for “naturals”, “Alphas” or another other class of non-Beta male to understand why pickup becomes important to men like us. But with Amadeus I understood the nature of his journey – to overcome failure from an earlier part of our lives. I wanted to showcase a recent report about a girl he met at the snow.

Enter Amadeus (cue high-pitched laugh).

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Date Report 005, 006, 007, 008 – The Mixed Kid, Habeas Corpus, The Stripper and the Counsellor

TL;DR: Quick summary of some strange dates from the last few weeks – 3 x Daygame pickups and 1 x online.

You wouldn’t believe if I said that the Mixed Kid was this hot! But she was …

The Mixed Kid

While in Berlin, I had a German girl reach out to me online. She was 20, half-German and half-Colombian. We went for a drink at the same bar where I had originally gone with Miss Boulder.

The Mixed Kid was HOT – but as I discovered recently, my dick was just not working properly (Lust for Life: Libido and Sex Drive). She turned up in a summer dress and a nice pair of Doc Martens: Berlin slippers. So this fine, sweet, feminine girl in front of me just did nothing for me.

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Night Game Project

TL;DL: RP Musicology and I (as well as other Top Guys in Sydney) are testing a Night Game project to maximise seduction results at night.

Top Hat

I often wondered why any self-respecting man would need to wear a top hat and peacock himself in order to attract a girl. I’ve worn a top hat before … but the only time I ever want to see it is in a dream as I imagine Marlene Dietrich giving me a lap dance.

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Lust for Life: Libido and Sex Drive

TL;DR: Bad blood test results, MRI scan and a visit to the specialist.

Soft Edge

I had come back from Europe feeling a sluggish. Perhaps it was the Steinlagers, table-sized pretzels or different renditions of pork knuckle. Or perhaps it was because life had lost its edge for me.

I did a blood test in January for testosterone which resulted in low free and total testosterone – both below the range. At the time I was taking care of my son for a month and thought it was probably single-father-induced low T … and even enquired with a friend of mine in the health industry about it! Absurd, I know.

I never really followed up on the bad results as I was still with Bumblebee on and off … and then my first successes with daygame which made me unnaturally hard in the bedroom.

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