Guest Lay Report 003 – Amadeus and the Hotel Girl

TL;DR: Amadeus went to the snow last weekend and picked up Hotel Girl, an employee, in record time. Brief summary of his journey to date.


I met Amadeus at a poker game last week. We bonded over a cigarette on some nondescript shoebox apartment in Pyrmont – and unlike many men, we actually shared things very quickly which were personal and frankly embarrassing.

Amadeus was a virgin until he was 25. He told me that he was fed up going to work, coming home, and having very little to do in his life. Late last year he got into pickup and told me that he had slept with 15 girls since then.

It is very difficult for “naturals”, “Alphas” or another other class of non-Beta male to understand why pickup becomes important to men like us. But with Amadeus I understood the nature of his journey – to overcome failure from an earlier part of our lives. I wanted to showcase a recent report about a girl he met at the snow.

Enter Amadeus (cue high-pitched laugh).

Scenario and approach:

On a short Ski weekend away to Perisher, there had been no girls around the entire trip, dating apps were dead, our hotel was isolated on the slope with nowhere to go, the conditions outside were Blizzard like, it was the last night of the trip and we were leaving early in the morning, I had given up on getting a Snow Lay.

Me and my group decided to head to dinner in our hotel, we get there just after 7pm and she catches my eye straight away, a cute asain girl, she’s working serving the tables her name tag says she’s from China, this is the first time we see each other since we came late the previous day and missed her shift, I did not have much time to make something happen, and I didn’t have confidence that I could.

While she served our table I was looking at her she looked at me and smiled a couple of times. My friends saw me looking at her, knowing my type made some joking remarks, this made me actually consider going for her.

However she’s working and looks busy, her colleagues were always around, this plus never having done anything like this caused me to be quite nervous to approach. A friend on the trip with me (also happens to be my former psycho boss) stayed back with me around the dining and lounge area  to support me and have a couple of drinks until I had a proper opportunity to talk to her.

Finally after some time and a couple of missed opportunities, I approached, she was in the middle of cleaning up the dining room, it was about 9:30pm. I went indirect as a direct approach did not seem appropriate at all for this scenario.

“Hi HG, I wanted to ask what time the Sauna closes?”

She said she wasn’t sure and asked another nearby staff member, that staff member let me know and then walked away. I continued talking to HG. “how long have you been working here?” (3 months, before that she was in Brisbane for a little bit, and before that China, her english was very good) She started asking me a lot of questions almost immediately after this, chatted to her for a little bit longer before I said “I’ll let you get back to it, but let’s have a drink together when you finish” She said yes and we agreed to meet in the lounge area in about 30 mins when she finishes.

The “Date”:

Close to the meeting time I grab Gin, Tonic and Cups From my room and head to lounge, she arrives at about 10pm having had a shower and changed into normal clothes looking even cuter.

She sits down and we start talking about all kinds of things, a large number of her colleagues are drinking in the lounge right next to us making it difficult to escalate. She asks where my friend was (she told me later she was expecting him there) I said he’s probs drinking in the room with the others in my group.

A bit after she asked if I wanted to meet and talk to some of the other staff who were there. I said “We could but I wanted to come drink and talk with you only” (apparently she still didn’t get the hint at this point, she told me later she thought that’s what i meant when I said drinks after she finishes) we continued talking just us two.

All the other staff members pack it up for the night, so now only us 2 alone in lounge. Try to escalate conversation, ask if any customers had asked her for drinks before this. (I’m the first, it seems)

Location change:

Shortly after this the owner comes in says he’s locking up, bit of a weird fellow. Sees our drinks and asks “what is that?”. I say Gin and Tonic. He asks where it’s from. I say my own supply. He says that’s not allowed here and HG should know that and looks at her, she sticks her tongue out a him playfully as he’s walking away.

I say we’ll find somewhere else to drink, ask her if she knows any spots, she says not really and we can’t drink in her room as it’s shared with other staff and customers not allowed in, I say let’s go drink in my room as if I didn’t intend it all along. She agrees no resistance, it was around 10:40pm.

My Room:

Room is empty, Ex Psycho boss is with the rest of my group in the other room, he told me earlier to message if anything, giving me clearance to close.

No chairs so we sit on the bed. She says this is a bit weird (drinking on a bed with someone she just met who is also a customer) I ask what’s weird about it, can’t remember what she said but I believe I just reassured her it was normal.

Drinking and talking continued, escalated convo best I could, could not do much Kino, due to no good opportunities and in general being nervous.

Time was running out however so I asked to see her hand for a second, took it and held it. She finally got the hint at this point.


She started saying she needed to go because she’ll be locked out (which is true, she mentioned it earlier, the don’t have keys to that section as the safe is kept there)

Supposedly she really didn’t realise the reason for us getting drinks and chatting until now.

Her hands were getting sweaty from nerves, but she didn’t take her hand away. I say I find her cute that’s why I wanted to get drinks with her ect. She mentions that her colleagues make fun of her (playfully) for being too serious all the time and not smiling, I mention that she smiled at me twice when she started serving us at dinner, she says she didn’t realise she did that.

She says she’s not ready to do something like this. I ask her how she’ll know she will be ready. She says she just will. I say you’ll never know until you try it.

She Asked “What about the girl in your group?” I said I don’t find her attractive” short pause “and she has a boyfriend”. She says, “ah, so that’s the main reason” I say “no, the main reason is I don’t find her attractive”

She’s never done anything like this she says (gotten close to/kissed someone she just met) Her pushing away and wanting to leave goes on for a little while, I talk through the objections although nothing seems to help.

Breakthrough & Sex:

I say we should just have a quick kiss before she leaves, she seems unsure at first but then says ok.

Place a hand on the side of her head and went for it, the moment we kissed it was all over, it was like a switch had flipped. It very quickly escalated from there, from lips to neck, hands along legs, ass, under shirt, under bra, her making cute moans the whole time. Both our tops off, bra off, exploring her body with my mouth, absolutely zero resistance.

Go to take off her pants, she stands up and starts saying “No, I can’t do this” One last bit of LMR. I place my hands on both sides of her head, tell her to “look at me” and kiss her, that’s all it took. I took her pants off, she was wearing very sexy panties (Did she really not know?) and things progressed and we fucked, it was fantastic. Her body was petite and skinny, my type, I could lift her up and throw her around the bed with ease.

Post Sex:

We are lying in bed and both start laughing a bit, she says “I thought it was just supposed to be a quick kiss”

Message her when she goes back to her room saying it was nice meeting her and I had a lot of fun. She says “😀Me too, Not what I expected but it was good”

She will be in Sydney for 2 weeks in September, she will hit me up.


-Technically my first daygame lay.

-First time approaching and closing a girl while she is at work.


Less than 4 hours after seeing her. 

Less than 2 hours after approach.

An hour after we met up.

-I believe the time constraint of leaving the next morning and being away from my home city helped me push the interaction way past what i’m usually comfortable doing and helped me get the lay.

-I lucked out with the timing of the employees leaving and lounge being locked up, I likely could not have progressed the way I did otherwise.

-I am still not sure if she really didn’t know the underlying reason for our meeting for drinks. Based on everything that happened on the date and what we discussed I believe she really didn’t.

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