Date Report 005, 006, 007, 008 – The Mixed Kid, Habeas Corpus, The Stripper and the Counsellor

TL;DR: Quick summary of some strange dates from the last few weeks – 3 x Daygame pickups and 1 x online.

You wouldn’t believe if I said that the Mixed Kid was this hot! But she was …

The Mixed Kid

While in Berlin, I had a German girl reach out to me online. She was 20, half-German and half-Colombian. We went for a drink at the same bar where I had originally gone with Miss Boulder.

The Mixed Kid was HOT – but as I discovered recently, my dick was just not working properly (Lust for Life: Libido and Sex Drive). She turned up in a summer dress and a nice pair of Doc Martens: Berlin slippers. So this fine, sweet, feminine girl in front of me just did nothing for me.

It was a strange date. She was a good talker, charming, and with a dark sense of humour. She told me her parents were living in Frankfurt and she had escaped one night while they were away … and came to Berlin to spend time with friends. It was a “revealing weekend”.

I extracted quite a bit of sexual history from her (Extracting Sexual Information From Women) – she had cheated on her “boring” boyfriend a few times, liked dating psychopaths and discovered herself in Berlin. (“Boring” is an adjective synonymous with many boyfriends when I speak to young girls who date me). She described herself as “dumb” and with the IQ of a carrot. When I asked her why she chose my profile, she said: “your photos – that’s it”.

As we finished dinner, I told her I was not really feeling much for her and said I would walk her back to the U-Bahn. She downplayed it and said: “well that’s how you feel”. She again repeated she liked psychopaths and I asked her she thought I was one. She nodded and I asked her whether she would like me to show her. She nodded again.

I grabbed her by the neck, put my hand on the hollow of her back, and slammed her against a wall. “How’s that for you?” I asked. “I knew you were…” she answered nervously, expecting the German Polizei to come running and give us an infraction for something unrelated.


1. She was very r-selected, impulsive and promiscuous – this is consistent with the subset of women I have met online in thisage. Had my dick been working, I would have been balls deep in her in my brother’s spare bedroom.

2. Show, don’t tell, in the words of Magnum. I like to prepare girls though and say “Hey, I’m going to do what I want and you can slap my wrist if you don’t like it”.

Habeas Corpus

Habeas Corpus, as I fondly called her, I met while out daygaming with RP Musicology. She was one of those throwaway sets as we wended our way to Oxford St for some Dusk Game.

Filipina, 33, worked as a legal researcher – and happened to be going to a “girls’ night” at Circular Quay. She was already hungover and going for another round of margaritas – all signals of thirtysomething (thirsty?something) singledom and using disposable income to hide her single state through alcoholism. More like habeas corpulent.

We met the following Monday at the Establishment for one drink, one hour. (This was Magnum’s model and I tend to agree that it is a good balance of time vs effort.) She was made up – to use the phrase “well put-together” – and in corporate gear so the lay was unlikely. Some chemistry but no makeout and I left her at Wynyard Station.


1. She told me she had had a lesbian love affair while in university. When presenting the girlfriend to the parents, the father was relieved that A. She would not get pregnant and B. The girlfriend was hotter than the daughter.

2. She had a tattoo “wild and free” and also was a lover of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, yet another girl (like Laura Palmer). I suspect she’d do anal the first time if I asked. Probably r-selected in the past but the “party days are over”.

The Stripper

I met the Stripper while out daygaming with TodayGame4. She was a genuine cold approach and it was quite a warm set. She admitted she was a stripper which did not bother me. She was Malaysian, 28, fake contact lenses and a reasonable figure.

We met later that night at the Establishment as she had a break during her stripping sessions. She was with a “client” and he and I broke into conversation about women, South America and life in general. (I would have much preferred spending time with him!)

She was in a little while cocktail dress, the kind of dress than reminded me of attempts by bargirls in Thailand to “clean up their act” after leaving work – but like all attempts, it was hollow.

We sat down and she ordered a drink via her “client” so for me it was a truly cost-free date. She was an admitted party girl, didn’t date, learnt piano as a kid, worked as a croupier and told me she liked photography “provided I set the camera up for her”.

Below is a pastiche of the hamstering truisms I heard through the date:

“But I need to tell you – I only hang around men who give me things. I don’t date. I’m selfish and like my party lifestyle. Things are so expensive here. I’m an only child and have to hustle.”

At that point I finished my drink and got up and left.

Final assessment:

1. She was a Sugar Baby and likely in a lesbian relationship with another stripper who treated her like shit and kept her in a fearful, needy state.

2. Men were just a source of income to feed the butch girlfriend and get a little validation from her. (NB: I’ve seen it all before with strippers.)

The Counsellor

I met the Counsellor while out with my wing Counsel. We were strolling up to Kings Cross and she was coming down the hill walking home. Counsel encouraged me to go off the IOI and I chased her down the street. The set was in the dark and a strange one – we talked about mixed ethnicity, checking each other out, and the strangeness of chatting in the dark. She gave me a big hug before I left after I number closed her.

She was Australian, 39, of Indian origin and lived in the area. I wanted to try something different and date someone with a stronger Frame – ie. an older woman. We met for a cocktail and talked about a whole range of topics in a former strip joint. She tried the usual interviewing tactics that older women try to gauge long-term viability … and I neutralised this by trying a tactic:

ME: “Hey listen, why do you drink?”

SHE: “I dunno, to relax?”

ME: “Yeah – to switch off forebrain of yours that is going at a million miles an hour trying to control reality.”

She went on to have four more drinks that night.

I was trying something different. I wanted to have a “normal date” and paid for drinks and dinner. We did not make out and I told her when I dropped her off that I wanted to “take it slow” as I normally move too fast. False Beta move.


1. One of my mates was at the jazz bar we went to and was with three girls shrieking like banshees. I turned to him and said: “Hey c$%t, keep the noise down”. He came over to the table and introduced himself very politely – a strong, muscular guy and also charming. I noticed her viscerally react to him and she enquired whether he was the bouncer. My guess is that she was sexually aroused – even minutely – by his behaviour of both dominance, charm and the potential for physical aggression.

2. Older women have layers of complications, particularly if they have been single for a long time and without kids. I have noticed that kids are the difference – the older women who have had their kids are much more relaxed about fast sex as they are not projecting a long-term future.

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