Night Game Project

TL;DL: RP Musicology and I (as well as other Top Guys in Sydney) are testing a Night Game project to maximise seduction results at night.

Top Hat

I often wondered why any self-respecting man would need to wear a top hat and peacock himself in order to attract a girl. I’ve worn a top hat before … but the only time I ever want to see it is in a dream as I imagine Marlene Dietrich giving me a lap dance.

SJWVille and BPDTown

RP Musicology (RPM) and I went to a soul event some months back to get to know each other, talk about the Red Pill journey and pick up women at a great music event.

We later did some daygame and I showed him a bit of Camera Game while strolling the streets of Newtown. Afterwards we bonded over a beer at the Courthouse Hotel, a ramshackle venue full of cheap carpet, wallpaper and inner city BPDery.

RPM lamented the women in his life – mostly BPD chokees, post-divorcees and an outlier Korean girl. He wanted change – change he could believe in.

We tried an aborted attempt at daygame in Circular Quay where he opened girls with low-gear energy – standing up but slouched in his soul. The sets were dreadful and he went home empty handed apart from a few Dusk Game sets on Oxford St with the BPD crowd.

For a man who dressed like Nick Cave, it was apparent that daygame was not his forte.

If you see this man on the street, don’t mistake him for RPM

Night Game Plan

Since meeting RPM, I realised that he had an exceptional gift for embracing Red Pill realities, incorporating seduction material and then planning for future success.

One factor stood out – RPM operates at night.

A search of the internet proved fruitless for a specific model of Night Game along the lines of the London Daygame Model (LDM). So the two of us toyed at the idea of how to create a similar model for the night while retaining the elements of normality – a couple of Top Guys going out for a few hours with the specific purpose of getting laid.

Let’s call it for the sake of being derivative the Sydney Nightgame Model.

Top Guys – First and foremost, you and your wing are Top Guys – not weirdo PUAs or Mystery-like characters with tricks and routines and the like. Weird guys can lower the collective Top Guy status and raise questions in the minds of women as to how we know each other.

The principles to follow are:

1. Project high energy and fun

2. Show you are interesting, successful guys

3. Be a good talker and open everybody

4. Identify IOIs and project sexual vibe

5. Work together as wings to help each other get laid

Bar Line Up – Pick 7-8 bars within close proximity (walking distance)

Demographics – The choice of bars will determine the likely demographics (standard, corporate, indie, backpacker, MILF/cougar, gay/fag hags, clubs). RPM and I generally do not like “clubs” as such but rather wine bars and standard bars with dance floors.

Assessing Venues – You and your wing should assess the venue for the kind of demographic, age of women, male vs female breakdown, couples vs singles breakdown and general sexual vibe. Bouncers/doormen can also provide information about any groups who are inside. Feel free to leave a venue if it does not have enough critical mass to warrant a drink.

SMV Match – Part of the assessment is whether you are projecting the right kind of SMV that a girl in that venue is looking for. This is mostly aligned in my opinion through common styles of dress. It is difficult to compete in an upscale bar of suits when you are dressed for an indie rock pub.

Bouncers – Befriend the bouncer on the way in as a friendly courtesy. You can also find out the best time to return. Also check with the bouncer “the next best venue” as you leave, particularly if the venue you are in has closed.

Sexual Vibe – Channel sexual energy prior to entering the bar. You need to give the impression that you are a sexual threat to women. This is mostly driven by strong eye contact, scanning the venue for IOIs and dominant body language.

Presence-setting – Walk into the bar, stop at a juncture and say something loud to your wing. The purpose of this is to force IOIs of the women near you. Wings can help you monitor for IOIs.

Thoroughfares – Assess the venue for the best spot for foot traffic and thoroughfares. This can also allow the forcing of IOIs by stopping in front of women you are interested in.

DHV on Arrival – Prepare a joint DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value) story to present to the first people you talk to including the bartender, bouncer, first people you meet, etc. This could include:

– joint project you and your wing are working on

– a milestone celebration like a birthday, anniversary or job offer

– a win of some kind that day – horserace winnings, football game, etc.

Wing DHVs – Your wing, when interacting with others, will lightly throw in some DHVs about activities that you are involved in – music, art, social media project, charity, designing an app, etc.

Topics – Anti-seductive topics include religion, politics, money and work.

Socialibility – Talk to everybody you meet – where you create the fun bubble reality. Early venues should be social; later venues should be more sexual and physical.

IOIs – You and your wing are to scan the bar for females and identify any IOIs including which one of you received it. You share the information and then approach women interested in you. Your wing is to support you during two-sets.

Approaches and Interactions – Having been out quite a few times at night, the simplest approach that I have been able to work out is:

A. “Hi, I noticed you earlier and wanted to come and say hello” – off an IOI or approach invitation (IOI + smile).

B. “Hi, I saw you earlier and wanted to be social. Would you like some company?” – this can work for single girls or groups of girls (credit to Dan Bacon).

C. Opinion opener on some simple topic (but please no “who lies more – men or women?”). Showing a photo of a potential “doppelgänger” of your wing helps. Or ask them how their night is going.

D. As the night progress, approaches can be more direct and physical, often requiring little talk. This could be Dance Game (credit to Mousetrap PUA), handholding (Sixty Years of Challenge), proximity, etc. Physical touch is a great test of sexual interest – I like to put my hand on her hip or in the hollow of her back to gauge this.

Future Plans – Share with the girls you interact with your “future plan” for the night, for example, going to see a DJ, “meeting up with Jordan”, or going to karaoke. The purpose of this is to create a “fun bubble” and get women to come into it. Women also like a guy who knows where he is going – the next venue, an afterparty, etc.

Fun Bubble – Create the party reality: you come in with a story, generate energy while you are there, and give a false time constraint as you have somewhere else to go.

Sexual Bubble – In contrast to the Fun Bubble, the Sexual Bubble is where you interact with women channeling your dark sexual energy immediately. This can occur later in the evening. You can even transition from Fun Bubble to Sexual Bubble quickly.

Contact Details – Take details of the girls you like before moving on to the next bar. Invite the girls to text or call later to see where they are at and perhaps meet up or have a drink. Giving her Instagram can allow her to conduct her “due diligence” and meet up with you later with some understanding of your life and background. When a girl has your contact details, she can say goodnight to her friends and then contact you with a level of plausible deniability.

Filtering – In the manner of Good Looking Loser, the purpose of night game is to assess girls for sexual availability and down-to-fuckery. These can be two quite distinct things: one is for the future (ie. number collection), one is in the moment (ie. pull the trigger in a bathroom or take her back to your house). You and your wing should discuss the IOIs and leads you meet at each bar to assess for either of these qualities. Credit to Good Looking Loser for the killer line (“would you like to go for a drink later – just the two of us?”).

Lines of Questioning – Interactions with women should indirectly establish sexual availability, friend composition, whether the group plans to stay or move on, and her logistics etc. A critical question I have heard which contextualises the possibility of sex is “what are you doing later?” – when I hear this from the girl, I immediately sense a sexual possibility later in the evening.

Standing vs Sitting – Standing allows you to move around opening people and keeping exchanges short and light. Sitting, in my opinion, is to deepen an interaction and escalate. Too many guys sit around in bars thinking women will come to them.

Sexual Intensity – As the night progresses, the sexual intensity of an approach will increase. This includes more touch, stronger eye contact, and for RPM and I, testing Mode One (credit to Alan Roger Currie) whispered in the left ear of a girl (and credit to Giant Shield of Twitter).

Cigarettes – Carry cigarettes or tobacco to roll in case of meeting a girl who smokes. Smoking areas are fantastic for 10 minute interactions with a cross-section of the bar.

Alcohol – One alcoholic drink per venue + one soda water. The purpose is to stay sober and be different to others in the bar. You are a sexual threat.

Social Media – Take photos of people you meet including selfies, videos of DJs and live bands, etc. This is collecting DHVs, projecting on social media and forward-planning your next night out as women see that you have a fun night life.

Props – I generally do not recommend any props, however a particular piece of clothing might do this. I like to wear a leather jacket for this purpose.

Exit Strategy – If you get trapped at a table or with a person, use a code word or signal to end the interaction – “we need to meet up with Jordan“.

Final Venue – Gay bar, karaoke bar, late night venue with dance floor, 24 hour cafe

Gutter Game – This should ideally be located near the final venue for some last minute street sets. Oxford St in Sydney is perfect for this.

Shared Logistics – Shared pad with common facilities (alcohol, futon) and specific DHVs like a guitar or piano or DJ setup.


The purpose of a wing at night is to:

– help you get laid

– add DHVs indirectly in conversation to women

– conduct a quick gut-level assessment on arrival re: vibe, calibre of women, etc

– neutralise “cockblocks” and “mother hens”

– maintain energy and vibe

– look for IOIs for each other

– create presence-setting (ie. take up space or make noise in order to force IOIs)

– get your wing to open a set off his IOI (ie. go in warm) and join him if a two-set

– give each other advice as to how to proceed with the seduction

– use a code phrase as an exit strategy – “we need to meet up with Jordan“.

Mother Hen – specifically, a female who protects “vulnerable” female friends from sexual predation by men.

The usual descriptors include: social justice warrior, Arts student, feminism, body positivity (read: overweight), left-leaning, and undersexed.

These women suffer the Paradox of Sexual Marketplace Value – that despite their below average appearance, above-average appetite and unfavourable opinions, they tend to think that they are sexually attractive.

These woman also act out their sublimated and unmet sexual desires by shit testing men who are attempting to seduce their Hot Friend – and later make the potential suitor the object of their masturbatory realities despite all Fourth-Wave Feminism indoctrination.

The Hot Friend, secretly, use Mother Hens as a validational tool for their own sexual marketplace value. This does sometimes thwart the Hot Friend’s sexual strategy as potential suitors are unable to get past the bulldog Mother Hen waiting as a gatekeeper.


RPM and I will continue to test this model over the coming months along with other Top Guys who want to join us.

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