Thought Bubble 006 – Extracting Sexual Information From Women; and Cuckoldry Humour

TL;DR: Extracting sexual information from women by being the Sex Guy; and how cuckoldry humour is instinctively understood by women.


RP Musicology (@rpmusicology) and I were out last night having a few drinks at an inner city bar known for its borderline personality disorder grungy females.

He remarked that he had a gift of extracting valuable sexual information from a woman by posing as the Sex Guy, ie. non-judgemental, open, relaxed, chill.

He imitated a thumb being put into a girl’s anus and said: “Tell me everything babe, does he fuck you like this?


RP and I theorise that when you present yourself as the Sex Guy, women will open up to you about their past sexual experiences, fantasies (met and unmet), and more horrifyingly, other guys they are seeing.

Conditions to be met:

1. Presentation – You must present yourself first and foremost as the Sex Guy who is non-judgemental. A good way to prime this is to say: “Men and women are flesh and blood yet women get judged for their behaviour – I don’t think that’s fair”.

2. Sex Stories – You present sex and dating stories to the girl which are de-identified. By presenting your story first, you are giving her permission to present hers.

3. Implied Relationships With Others – Talking to the girl as if she is already seeing another guy. “Hey, you’d better tell your boyfriend that, not me”.

Extraction Tidbits

1. Bumblebee volunteered that she had been in a sexless relationship for four years and cheated on her then partner while on a holiday in Cuba

2. Miss Doritos told me about threesomes and spit roasts she had had, both MFF and MMF.

3. The Kiwi told me on our first date about the “meh” sex she had had with a guy only the week before.

4. Peach told me about a time when her friends were all hooking up in a giant bed, with her naked and on her own in the middle – so she listened to both couples, one on either side of her, and masturbated.

5. The Korean told me about hooking up with a female, about how her ex-boyfriend’s cock was bigger than mine, and how he was a terrible lover.

Vignette – English Girl

This Date Report – The English Patient pretty much sums up girls who overshare re: their sexual history.

Vignette – The Estonian

I met an Estonian girl while in Vienna. She was a little plump and gave me sex eyes as soon as we met. She was the friend of my Australian friend living there (both of whom are linked to Red Pill Vignette – The Polish Girl).

While we lay on the boardwalk next to the Danube taking in midsummer sun, I told her about Cinderella and she asked me why I was telling her this:

“You’ll find out in about an hour”, I hinted.

By the end of the hour she had told me about how she hated guys pushing her clitoral hood back, a hot young Swedish guy she had fucked on a ferry who had a micropenis and was a premature ejaculator, a black guy with an enormous cock who was useless in bed, and how she liked rough sex.

Vignette – The Thai Single Mum

I was out yesterday with my son and a Thai single Mum friend and her son. Last October we had fucked while our kids played in the lounge room. She rebuffed my invitation for a second round back then and I cut contact.

She reappeared one day while I was shopping at Calvin Klein and being pursued by a transgender shopkeeper. She seemed flirty and friendly and touched me a few times. Again, I asked her to meet up and she rebuffed me.

Over the course of the day, I noticed she was not too touchy feely with me. Later on in the afternoon she admitted that she had a boyfriend of six months and I started probing the state of the relationship.

She told me she was bored with him, he was needy but “committed”, and the quality of the sex had declined. She told me the relationship had a shelf life of about six months.

I asked her if she was in love … and she paused. I answered for her: “The answer is no – any chick in love would answer without hesitation”.

My son stayed at hers that night and I caught up with RP Musicology.

In the morning when I picked him up, I saw a photo on the fridge: “Is this him? B for boredom”. She laughed. I drew the character in English on his forehead; she drew the character in Thai.

I added when I left the house: “See you in six months once you dump him – you’re coming to my house to fuck in my bed!”.

Again she laughed: “Maybe sooner!”

Cuckoldry Humour

My son is mixed so I jokingly tell people that I can hold him up to the light and turn him from one direction to another: “Asian, white, Asian, white”.

I do not know how many times I have joked about his mother being Asian and his Dad being “some white guy … hopefully me”. Almost invariably, women laugh and respond to it because I think instinctively they understand the principle and need for cuckoldry.

This kind of cuckoldry humour is a corollary to being the Sex Guy as it implies that you have a true understanding of female sexuality (ie. the capacity to step outside of the primary relationship).

The Red Quest ( has written extensively about paternity assurance, particularly in 2019 where open relationships and cheating are becoming the norm.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

Maya Angelou

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