Thought Bubble 005 – Sex Challenges and Sex Windows

TL;DR: Girls give men a sex window to work with … and if they are not quick enough, it closes; also discussion of sex challenges and complicated logistics.

Rear Window

Sharing Notes

TodayGame ( and I went daygaming a few days back. Over lunch he told me he was running out of sex ideas with a Colombian girl he was seeing. That Friday night the two of them were planning to go to a house party.

“Why don’t you set yourself a sex challenge and make it your aim to fuck her in a bedroom or bathroom? Or say something to her like ‘find a way for us to fuck or I’m going home in five minutes,'” I proposed to him.

“A bathroom would do,” he said, intrigued. (I think he was intuiting future behaviour).

Which brings us to the topic of Sex Challenges.

Sex Challenges

I left the house to meet with the French Banker feeling tired and drained. But I had “honoured the reach out” and said to myself that I would pull her from the bar after one drink. I set myself a Sex Challenge.

Little tidbits like this add some excitement to dating and sleeping with women.

TodayGame lamented the standard date model as it was repetitive and staged. It is – unless you shake it up with ideas that break the mould of Date/Escalation/Sex.

He and his French girl sat in a landmark pub today having lunch. She admitted to him: “I have to tell you something. I really want to fuck you right now”. True to form, he acted quickly and found a men’s bathroom with a grand view of Sydney Harbour and ornate urinals – and pulled her into there and fucked her.

Characteristics of a Sex Challenge:

1. Very short timeframe to get to sex

2. Difficult logistics

3. Fear of being caught

4. New experiences for the girl (generally speaking)

5. Quick behaviour by the guy to make things happen

Examples of Sex Challenges

Here are examples I have set for myself in the past:

1. “We are going to make out before you finish that drink” – and I did to a tiny New Zealand girl on a weird Bumble date. “I don’t wear underwear – find out” and she did, giving me a handjob.

2. I invited my regular Bumblebee to a boring 60th birthday party with the challenge of fucking her as quickly as I could after she arrived. I had done a quick recon of the house and discovered a fabulous separate apartment downstairs away from the party crowd. She turned up and I kindly showed her around the house – only to slam the apartment door behind her and quickly remove her underwear. We fucked and I fingered her and made her cum quickly. Looking sideways, we realised that people milling outside smoking could see us fucking.

3. I visited a Thai friend who has a son similar to my son’s age. We flirted and touched each other lightly while we had dinner the four of us. I thought to myself – she and I won’t get the opportunity to fuck in private any time soon so I must find a way right now. The boys were playing in the lounge room and I invited her to give me a “tour of the house” – a tiny two-bedroom unit. She looked at me with sex eyes and then showed me her room. I slammed the door shut, stripped her down and started fucking her within about ten seconds. I later threw her on the bed and fucked her while she fingered her clit and came. The boys were banging so loudly on the door we had to stop.

Kondo: The Wedding and Elegant Solutions to Boring Dates

Coach Kondo told me of a time when he and his then girlfriend were sitting at a table at a wedding. He turned to the girl next to him and said:

“My girlfriend and I are going to go into that room over there and fuck. While we are in there, you are free to come and join us.”

Needless to say the girl didn’t – but Kondo and his girlfriend did fuck and came out red-faced.

Kondo also posed an elegant solution to boring dates:

“Tell the girl this: ‘I am going to go to the toilet and if you are not in the bathroom giving me a blowjob within three minutes, then I want you gone by the time I get back'”.

Sex Windows

Something recently dawned on me – women give men Sex Windows to work within. If men do not act fast, the window closes, sometimes FOREVER.

If “honour the reach out” is my principle for seeing a girl when she gets in touch with you, “make it happen” is the corollary.

Men make sex happen – whenever, wherever.

These windows can often be quite short (minutes or hours) and a Player needs to be sharply attuned to the signals.

The average guy is scared to escalate very quickly to sex as it exposes you to high levels of risk.

In the Daygame community, the pace of escalation tends to be a combination of a Date + Pull = 1-3 hours.

Characteristics of a Sex Window:

1. Woman is likely ovulating and open to sexual activity

2. Either one of you will be leaving town shortly or become unavailable

3. Wild card elements including distractions, noise, cockblocks, etc

4. Window may only be open for one sexual encounter (ie. single-use meal sex)

5. When a window closes, women rarely will admit that it has closed due to a guy’s inability to make things happen.

Examples of Sex Windows

I can remember a few Sex Windows that closed before I acted:

1. The Czech Woman (Red Pill Vignette) clearly placed herself within my orbit as a possible sex partner … however I delayed pulling the trigger by about an hour. In retrospect I could have pulled her home, fucked her and then arranged for a taxi for her to get home. The Sex Window shut because her husband texted and called as we left the bar.

2. The Receptionist (Blue Balls Report) got so drunk that I think she regretted everything that was happening to her, notwithstanding the fact I was kneeling above her about to penetrate her after giving her head. She gave me a “hard no” and I decided to stop. The window was closed however I did not want to open it again.

3. My very first female friend – not a girlfriend, but close – came to my brother’s 21st birthday party and got drunk. She vomited and later spent time in my bedroom where we made out. I remember her touching my arm and lying in bed with a rock hard erection – but I never acted. Soon after she went through a string of guys before eventually getting pregnant to a committed Christian boy who liked giving her full body olive oil massages.

4, A commentator writes: “I even had a chick who was dtf in Hyde Park … I said let’s find a spot … in 5 mins I found a spot and she said ‘sorry can’t do this’ … should have just fucked her in the spot we were in and bent her over the park bench. The smallest of things can fuck things up”.


1. When you are bored of the standard dating and sex model, set a Sex Challenge

2. Honour the reach out – when a girl texts you, arrange a meet up and find a way to fuck her

3. Make sex happen girls will give you a Sex Window to work within. Make it so!

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