Sexual Marketplace Deregulation

Szechenyi Spa – Eastern Europe at its rawest


I was in Budapest and visited the Szechenyi Spa. It was here, as I sat with a beer, I scanned the landscape of bodies – our rawest sexual asset – and realised how ordinary and AVERAGE everyone looked. In fact, the hottest woman by far (and the loudest) was a young American girl from the South (being American, you hear them before you see them).

Here I realised that in order for me to be sexually competitive as a man, I just need to be above average in my marketplace. Unfortunately, the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is particularly competitive SMV-wise and I just do not put in enough effort and responsibility to become that Top Guy.

As a result of the teeming masses on display, I decided to improve myself and make myself as competitive as possible as a man.

I need to take total responsibility for my life.


Which brings us to today’s topic – Magnum ( and I have been talking about what we consider to be the sexual marketplace deregulation.

So what is sexual marketplace deregulation?

If we assume that enforced monogamy in a restrictive environment (supported by all major religions) leads to a 1 man + 1 woman scenario – then we could call this sexual marketplace SOCIALISM.

When this arrangement breaks down, we would describe it as deregulation.

This deregulation process has gone through various permutations in the last forty years where we are now approaching a form of deregulated sexual marketplace CAPITALISM based on biological principles and signals.

Sexual marketplace SOCIALISM largely struggles with the concept of “competition”. It is over-regulated through strictly enforced moral, social and religious precepts; lacks initiative; and often does not meet the needs of the people.

Sexual marketplace CAPITALISM largely struggles wth the concept of “distribution”. It is deregulated so sexual wealth is channelled towards a more narrow sexual upper class. This deregulation leads to more females desiring and being channelled towards less males, consistent with biological principles on the desirability gap (or the asymmetrical nature of desire) between men and women.

In short, more women will chase less men.

Since 1960, Western societies have gone through the Second Demographic Transition (SDT), in which most people had enough material possessions to survive (almost everyone has food, shelter and clothing) and the “purpose” of life shifted away from staying alive and reproducing to experience individual hedonic fulfillment. This shift has had profound sexual implications: 

The following summary is sexual marketplace deregulation from a man’s perspective.

Women are affected by sexual market deregulation – however I am writing specifically today about the effect on males.

I understand this topic has been covered a number of times – see References.

Elements Driving Deregulation

What elements are driving deregulation?

1. Online dating

If figures can be believed, only 18% of men are found to be attractive on Tinder by men … compared with up to 50% of women. This is a combination of reliance on photos in order to gauge looks as well as the asymmetrical nature of desire – women are much more selective than men (see

Similar to social media below, online dating (Tinder, Bumble, etc) create inflationary pressures in the SMV of a woman so that she either a) believes herself to be more attractive than she is and/or b) believes she is equal SMV to the male who liked her.

2. Social media

Instagram is the primary social media driver for women as it seeks to maximise female attention through Followers and Likes from male admirers. It is in effect an inflationary measure of the SMV of the woman.

It is also a globalised value delivery mechanism based on simple female data points (looks, youth) which is a simple metric for female SMV – and far easier to deliver this value in comparison to male SMV.

Given this, women are the winners in the sexual marketplace when it comes to social media due to the simply SMV delivery mechanism based on looks.

3. Contraceptives

The modern day Pill (introduced in the early sixties) is, in my mind, one of the major facilitators of the modern marketplace deregulation. It puts reproduction in the woman’s hands. We cannot rule out, however, that contraceptives have always been part of the marketplace – it is a misnomer to think otherwise.

4. Evolutionary biology

Sperm Wars is possibly the darkest expression of Red Pill evolutionary biological truths I have ever read. The central tenet – that sperm competes against other sperm within the cervix – suggests that women are by design non-monogamous and can access this desire as required. Women no longer need to accept the sperm reality that one man offers via exclusive relationships.

5. Marketplace Demographics

This concept is addressed in Dataclysm. In essence, small changes in sexual marketplace demographics can have a major change on the dating landscape. However, despite this, female desire remains asymmetrical in the way that hypergamy seeks a smaller component of men at the apex than what men are seeking from women. If you have not read Date-onomics you should read it as well.

6. Feminism

The deep biological heart of feminism is to seek mates freely and without consequence.

The provisioning side of female desire is adequately addressed as a result of the feminism-contraceptives combination. While instinctively women may continue to argue for resources (for example, on sites such as Seeking Arrangements), the resource landscape is particularly level in most Western countries.

As a result of this levelling, women are freer to access the superior gene acquisition of higher-value males – the eponymous Alpha Fucks side of a female’s dual mating strategy.

7. Security

Women do not need men to protect them from violence or to provide income. This historically is the power of men (women’s power is sex). In a deregulating market, women are free to roam while a man’s market power is limited to charisma. Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature is a good treatise on the decline of violence.

What Whence Whither

Where did we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?

Where did we come from?

Noble Savages, Sperm Wars and The Evolution of Desire answers those questions.

Who are we?

Homo sapiens who have moved from a:

(A) competitive open sexual marketplaces (primitive societies); to

(B) enforced closed sexual marketplaces (in agrarian societies); and now to

(C) competitive open marketplace (post-modern society built on contraceptives).

Where are we going?

Sexual market deregulation is moving us towards an environment where women will compete for the highest-value men – and men will need to compete more than ever.

In this market there will be winners and losers – but mostly men. The historical data suggests that 40% of men did not pass on their DNA – and 20% women.

Effects of Deregulation

1. More Male Competition (Among Those Competing)

A deregulated market places competition pressure on its participants. Specifically in relation to the sexual marketplace, due to the asymmetrical pattern of desire (ie. women expressing interest in a smaller pool of men than vice versa), men are more likely to continue carrying the burden of performance and will likely compete with each other with greater intensity.

Testosterone rates are down worldwide – a highly concerning phenomenon which shows no signs of stopping.

Common attempts by males to increase SMV centre on increases in physical strength through the use of steroids, HGH and exogenous testosterone.

2. Uncompetitive Males Appealing to Sexual Marketplace Regulation

Uncompetitive men will continue to appeal to the regulation which was in place to enforce the market: specifically, monogamy and established religion.

The Red Quest reports: “From the data I have seen, women are more religious than men. This is a problem for them, for obvious reasons”.

I would suggest that when women seek religion they are searching for deeper meaning … however it does not necessarily benefit their reproductive strategy.

3. More Females for Less Males

The current data suggests that while men match with approximately 50% of women on Tinder, it is only 18% in the case of women – the desirability gap.

Additionally, recent General Social Survey sexual activity surveys suggest that 28% of men 18-30 years of age are sexually inactive while only 18% of women are inactive. This means there are approximately 11 women for every 10 men in the current marketplace. It also suggests that it is easier for women to access the sexual marketplace than men.

4. Uncompetitive Males Accessing Regulated Markets

Uncompetitive men will seek refuge in more regulated markets where they will remain more competitive. Their SMV, so-to-speak, has more purchasing power. This includes poor third world countries, conservative communities and religious groups.

5. Females Opposing Uncompetitive Male Push for Sexual Market Regulation

Trading up is in full force. It is driven by deep primal desires for women to continue the “search” for the highest-value man.

Advocating for marriage, anti-abortion laws, contraceptive control – all are attempts to regulate a market to keep uncompetitive men afloat. Women do not want this.

6. Open Non-Monogamy, Cuckoldry and Cheating

Red Quest talks about using non-monogamy as a retention tool for relationships. This in my mind is a byproduct of the deregulation process where more the primal need (essentially of sperm competition) is being accommodated.

Esther Perel’s work Mating in Captivity is also an invaluable (and timely) book on desire, sexuality and cheating.

7. Rise in Dominant Sex Skills To Satisfy Women

I was in a sex shop in Berlin chatting to the shop owner about BDSM and sex skills. I remarked that it was amazing how young people 18-23 were so up-to-date on hardcore sex skills due to pornography. He said he felt the same about gay men as he only really got into hardcore sex at 33. It was an interesting observation about how sex skills are learnt at a much younger age for both straights and gays.

Dominant sex skills are more and more becoming an indicator of a Top Guy, particularly choking which is on the rise: (

Forces Against Deregulation

1. Established religion

This speaks for itself as most established religions have arisen in agrarian societies where paternity assurance was critical due to inheritance. Religion was used to enforce monogamy to ensure that the children were the father’s. Despite this, non-paternity historically sits at 12% (ref: Why Women Have Sex by David Buss and Cindy Meston) so this indicates that religious and social pressure does not overrule sperm competition and cuckoldry.

(There is contrasting data suggesting non-paternity is below 1% (see:

2. Red Pill Movement

While I am a proponent of the Red Pill, I sense that their efforts are to try to re-regulate a market that is already undergoing deregulation.

I equate this with lobbyists and industry supports who refuse to let old industries die.

I note, however, that Red Pill aware men can thrive in the new marketplace for a number of reasons:

a) we understand the marketplace; and

b) we are being given the tools to raise our SMV to access that marketplace.

What I disagree with, though, is that we can Red Pill ourselves up to a point (marriage) and then hold on to a monogamy model which is unsustainable in the deregulated market.

In short, the current Red Pill community is holding on to the past. They want to keep out competition from the marketplace.


This group has effectively opted-out of the marketplace by no longer seeking sex or mating. While it is an elegant solution for men who are happy with porn and beer, other men will continue to play as they enjoy carnal pleasure and are prepared to take the risk.

Forces Supporting Deregulation

1. Seduction Community

Specifically the guys who understand where we are going and do not fight the flow of deregulation.

However, some seduction community guys seek solace in religion or a conservative wife which to me really is an expression of wanting to escape the inexorable force of deregulation.

2. Game (or Value Delivery Mechanism)

Game is a value-delivery mechanism that helps to gain access to the marketplace for a man who ordinarily would not be able to access it.

3. Top Guys

The male marketplace already has a group of men who are by definition Alphas – or Top Guys. They rarely, if ever, need to reflect on their position at the apex. The rest of us, however, must carry the burden of performance.

While these Top Guys are assured access to the marketplace, they too can fall in status over time. I am aware of many Alphas who have succeeded with women in their twenties only to decide to “settle down” and discover the ravages of long-term relationships. Early sexual reference experiences is no guarantee for future relationship success.

Sexual Marketplace Hacks

1. Marketing Strategy

Choosing a value delivery mechanism (Game) is important to maximises the demonstration of Alpha male qualities in the specific marketplace.

While many people meet online, there are other forms of game which demonstrate these SMVs in a broader way.

Daygame, for example, could be considered to be the street sale of SMV to a prospective buyer. The marketplace is wide and has many sales options.

Online game, for example, is a filter of a narrow niches of SMV qualities – this could be boosted with high quality pictures, carefully crafted profiles, and a curation of linked social media images to maximise SMV in that marketplace.

2. Knowledge of Evolutionary Biology aka Sexual Market Principles

This is essential knowledge for any man to acquire a mastery of accessing the sexual marketplace. It could be described as Sexual Market Principles.

I divide the knowledge into a number of groups: 1. Red Pill principles 2. Seduction skills principles 3. Sex Skills 4. Bloggers

Red Pill sources include Rollo Tomassi’s work, Sperm Wars, The Evolution of Desire, Why Women Have Sex, The Red Queen, etc

Seduction sources include Krauser, Tom Torero, Mystery, Todd V and a host of daygamers and night gamers who provide real, raw content on seduction.

Sex skills sources include The Sex God Method, How to Fuck Women Properly, Crash Restraint, and local BDSM/kink sex parties in your town.

Bloggers include Nash, Magnum, Red Quest, Krauser, Roissy, Rivelino, etc

3. Storytelling

Storytelling: A Tale of Two Students is essential reading to address this topic. In short, men use Game to inflate their own SMV up to the sexual access threshold point set by the girl.

4. Sex Skills

The most common complaint I hear from women is:

a) men fuck too fast

b) women don’t cum

c) men don’t make women wet enough and want to penetrate them immediately.

I would argue that good sex skills – particularly the darker components of sex which include hard dominance, physicality and roughness, bondage/Shibari, choking, facefucking, etc – are a display of higher value.

Many guys just never possess these skills across a lifetime.

The key to good sex skills is to get the dynamic right. Rivelino rightly points out that sex can be very pleasurable for a woman when she is serving the man.

I recently surveyed a friend of mine and asked whether she liked sucking cock while the guy roughly directs it, or receiving head – she answered quickly with a “I like sucking cock – definitely”.

(See Sex and Sensibility – An Honest Commentary on My Sex Skills)

5. Frame and Hand

Iron-strong Frame – or her entering your world and reality – is essential to creating the highest possible SMV with a woman.

Hand, however, is essentially extending that Frame in perpetuity, placing her in your orbit for good. It could also be described as “deep conversion” which is essential a psychological hold over the woman.

Women seek attention from men; smart men control their attention with women



My focus at this stage of my life (38, separated, with one son) is to be above-average and to present the best possible version of myselfmy best Sexual Market Value.

The marketplace is moving in a direction we cannot control – towards a Pareto Principle-esque reality where more women will express their sexual interest in less men – but those men will be Top Guys.

As a man I have accepted full responsibility for my life and know that I am carrying the burden of performance.

I am happy to accept the marketplace for what it is rather than fighting inexorable forces attempting to re-regulate it.


Sperm Wars by Robin Baker

The Red Queen by Matt Ridley

Dataclysm by Christian Rudder

Date-onomics by John Birger

The Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker

The Evolution of Desire by David Buss

Why Women Have Sex by David Buss and Cindy Meston

Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel

Extension of the Domain of Struggle by Michel Houellebecq










5 thoughts on “Sexual Marketplace Deregulation

  1. Worth noting that the person who largely popularized this concept of sexual de-regulation, or “liberalization, is the French author Michel Houellebecq.

    He covers how sexual market liberalization, just as unrestrained pure economic competition, results in a few winners (e.g., John Rockefeller), and many losers in his first novel “the extension of the struggle field”. This notion is expanded in his second novel, translated as “Atomized” or “Elementary Particles” in English, which awarded him the Prix Novembre and catapulted him to the world stage. And he has continued these themes in his works “Platform” and “Submission”.

    Houellebecq is superior to say bloggers on “return of kings” or struggling, frustrated, lower middle class men on Twitter for his clarity of thought: there’s a reason he garnered the attention of the Financial Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Paris Review, etc…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good stuff my man! I think my question is what happens in 10-20 years? Because what we’re going to have are two very large portions of society who are extremely angry/unhappy.

    1) The lower 80% of men–and even if we say that half of them have enough access to women (get married eventually, n-count of 10 or less of thots on Tinder), there’s going to be a huge contingent of dudes who basically can’t have sex with women. That, combined with the ongoing separation between rich and poor, means we’re going to have a tremendous number of poor, purposeless, sexless men. And that is NOT GOOD. These kinds of guys are far more likely to be manipulated by strong men, dictators, terrorists, etc. Remember Project Mayhem from Fight Club? Something like that is likely to happen if this trend continues.

    2) I don’t know what percent, but there’s going to be a large portion of women who are post wall, unmarried, and basically have no prospect of ever getting married. Women forget this when they’re young and hot and can fuck Chads and be flaky/unaccountable, but eventually, the best scenario for a woman is a monogamous relationship once they get past 30-35 or so. At that point she doesn’t want to go out clubbing or get banged by a bunch of guys on Tinder–she wants a guy who’s cool and she can have kids with, go on vacations, etc. But because marriage is such a fucked up prospect for men today–and because women are so irrationally picky about who they find attractive/desirable–many will simply be old and single and essentially invisible to society.

    As you say, there are a few winners (guys in the top 20%–but especially guys in the top 5%–and attractive women between 18-35), but a lot of losers.

    I guess that’s why the refrain: enjoy the decline.


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