Thought Bubble 003 – Physical Beauty and Strength

TL;DR: Summary of observations of physical beauty and strength of men and women naked at a day spa in Berlin. Also checking out penises, micro IOIs, digital detox, tattoos.


I went to Vabali today, ostensibly to experience naked sauna, steam room and spa treatment in the middle of Berlin. I had been there before last July, enjoying an aperol spritz while admiring an assortment of odd bodies.

I put together some thoughts while I was poring through Steve Jabba’s Primal Seduction. It’s a disparate strand of ideas – hold on for the ride.

Female Physical Beauty

One of the Twitter commentators made an observation that he had never seen a woman more attractive with her clothes off than on.

In the sauna room I heard the voice of an Australian woman. She was black and showponying her way through the sauna, strutting back and forth. She was attractive. I later bumped into her in the shared change rooms where she had donned black leggings and a tight top – which made her look much tighter and attractive.

Scanning the horizon today, I noticed the following about female physical beauty:

    The majority of women (Germans) did not apear to be physically fit
    Tattoos tend to blemish female skin when the woman is not physically fit
    Women were on the whole either overweight or underweight
    Interestingly, women in groups tended to mirror each other’s body weight
    One woman had a fantastic figure but her head looked much older than her body

Clothes tend to hide some aspects of female unattractive features. I remember undressing a young 21 year old Australian girl only to discover she was much less tight than I had expected.

German grunge chic

Male Physical Strength

Men did not fare much better.

I consider myself to be an attractive guy but have an average body. I looked out at a guy walking past who seemed to mirror me with an attractive head and ordinary body – and I thought to myself: is that how women see me?!

Most of the men were either overweight, underweight, lacked physical strength and definition, and had bellies. Even the gay guys who generally try hard to take care of themselves had small paunches.

Men did not appear to age well. On average the older person lacked physical strength, definition, and were often blemished by ugly tattoos that had not been touched up.

In general, it was a disappointing display of physical strength and male aesthetics.

The only distinct advantage of the German male (compared to other cultures) is that he can be VERY tall.

Women 18 – 24 Years Physically Fit and Beautiful

Imagine that men are vying for the the market of women 18-24 years old – essentially women in their fertility prime. It’s a very small subset of women.

Now imagine that this subset is further broken down into how physically attractive the girl is and how beautiful she is. The subset has just gotten smaller.

The demands on a Top Girl 18-24 who is physically attractive and beautiful must be intense. I’d wager that the Top Girl achieves this through constant monitoring of her appearance, physical health, grooming and clothing.

Men 18 – 40 Physically Fit and Attractive

Looking out at the sea of ordinariness, I was reminded why I got into weightlifting, dieting and good health – to become the Top Guy.

I recently set up an online profile and received good feedback on my appearance and looks. It’s a positive feedback loop for a former Beta male like me (Former Beta Male Benefits). One girl I surveyed as to why she reached out to me gave me a succinct answer: “your pics – that’s it.”

The problem is that my looks do not match my physicality, even though I’d argue that my physicality is above average for a 38 year old. (I can squat 110kg, deadlift 155kg bench 85kg and rack pull 180kg – but body fat sits at 18%).

If I am genuinely serious about getting the hottest girls in that sub-subset of 18-24 year olds and become the Top Guy, I need to:

1. Maximise my looks through hygiene, grooming and dress

2. Maximise my physicality through strength training and diet to be above average

3. Develop strong Game, cold approach skills, sexual projection and killer instinct on the 18-24 year old bracket without any fear of shame or guilt for targeting that younger group (ie. stay in your age lane – also a Beta mindset).

It amazes me to meet girls 18-24 who work harder in the gym maintaining their looks than the majority of men. Even if the average woman does not go to the gym, she has more access to sex than the average women.

This suggests to me that the Top Girls are either unusually beautiful (due to genes) and/or unusually fit (due to effort in the gym, dance, grooming, etc).

Men – we need to try much harder than girls to get sex. The burden of performance is on usto maximise our looks, physicality and Game.

Marcus Bondi – what is possible at 50


This is a thorny topic given how grungy the average German woman from Berlin is. I am waiting for a possible job offer here … which concerns me because the average girl here is just … too grubby for my liking.

I sense that tattoos have stopped being body art and become a herd signal for women to copy each other. Men have also started with tattoos to signal Bad Boy status – or worse, barista/bartender status.

I like tattoos on a woman but it really is contingent on how fit she is. Some of the girls I have seen in town have taken inking to a new extreme. I also pity girls who ended up with huge uncoverable tattoos like a sleeve or a ten-part sitting of a giant dragon on their back – that kind of tattoos requires serious upkeep to avoid looking like a blur as the years go by. (Tattoo removal is up significantly in Australia by the way).

I have actively resisted getting tattoos for the reason that they just were not that popular twenty years ago. I think there is a short-term benefit to good ink for a player, but having seen the soggy, blurry tattoos of my brothers and grandfather (a sailor), I will just be the Player without the tattoo.

Imagine a whole city full of these girls …

Digital Detox

One of the nice aspects of Vabali is the “digital detox” policy of no mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

The Red Quest ( and I were talking about the impact of digital detox on the human body. The modern person accesses their phone all the time – old and young – really as a form of dopamine injector as data comes in. I wrote about this in my diary some time back about vices – overeating, pornography and phone use. I was able to stop the first two, which says a lot about phone use.

Imagine if your phone was set to only texts and phone calls over the weekend – with all the rest of the data not flowing in.What peace you’d have!

Too much data interruptions can lead to not being able to access a “flow state” – and any flow state that is achieved and then interrupted can result in a twenty minute reset to get back into that state.

Multitasking seems to have the same problem – too much “switching costs” by moving between tasks.

Sunshine Treatment

One of the specific reasons I came to Vabali was to pick up my libido, which appears to have flattened out in the past couple of weeks while on holiday. I do this by tanning my balls and penis.

I remember some months back I went to a nudist beach with Bumblebee and tanned my balls for about an hour. She looked at them and laughed, saying they were moving around like they had a mind of their own. My penis would sometimes shrink and sometimes grow, depending on the amount on sunlight.

We went home and had a mammoth sex session – friskiness after a day at the beach – and she commented on how warm my genitals felt inside her.

They often turn this colour . . .

Penis Check

Another thing I noticed is that women will surreptitiously check out a guy’s penis when he is naked, similar to the way that a woman checks out a man on the street (Indicators of Interest).

I feel for women – they rarely see men naked and so cannot do a penis check prior to trying out the guy. It’s difficult to say whether subconsciously a woman will look at a man’s penis as a form of fitness indicator. (I am not talking about the size queens – just general observations of healthiness.)

Men, in the same way, want to see a woman’s physicality. Clothing often hides this. I get the sense that the beach (bikinis and swimmers) tends to be the closest clothed indicators of fitness, which is why we all seem to be frisky on the way back from the beach!

Indicators of Interest

I was reading in Jabba’s book about Indicators of Interest – either natural or forced.

So I documented the Indicators of Interest as I travelled home from Vabali:

1. Woman walking with boyfriend who glanced towards me, giving the appearance she was checking the traffic even though it was coming from the opposite direction – this is the General Glance IOI.

2. Girl waking with a fat male friend/boyfriend who quickly looked away when I caught her eye. This is the Mismatch IOI.

3. Girl standing next to me on the train whom I could see look up to me twice and then would hide her eyes when I looked in her direction. This is the Peripheral IOI (sometimes a Double or Triple Take). I often position myself in these situations where I can see her peripherallyforcing the IOI essentially.

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