Thought Bubble 002 – Seduction No-Nos


Three topics I avoid now when trying to seduce women.

Feel free to comment.


This seems pretty obvious – unless you are in politics (really, an expression of power), then skip this topic with women. It’s lifeless, polemical, divisive, and very anti-seductive.

Politics can also draw you into discussions on feminism, gender roles, income distribution, etc. (Note: RP Musicology and I have talked about this – women do often reveal their true feelings about these topics but after hard, dominant sex.)

I used to talk heavily about politics as it supercharged me as a male … really, it was just wasted energy taken away from the act of having fun with women and trying to seduce them.

TASK: If she tries to talk about politics, direct her away from the discussion.


In my opinion, organised religion is an expression of anti-seduction. Unless you are reading the Song of Solomon or the Kama Sutra, there really is not much to be found in religion that is likely to seduce a woman. It just FEELS anti-seductive.

The only exception I can see is mysticism and astrology, which to me really is an expression of female intuition, fertility and sexuality. I often wonder whether mysticism and attempts to predict the future is really a psychological tool for women to assess you as a possible sexual mate.

Women often get trapped in their own fantasies when assessing for a mate. The French Banker still is in contact with me and believes I work in intelligence, simply because I created the “spy” fantasy for her when I met her.

Red Pillology

This was a new discovery for me – women do not want to hear overt discussion about the Red Pill, particularly in relation to cuckoldry. This last topic is far and away the biggest hotspot in the discussion of evolutionary biology and the darkest secret about women – that they have the capacity to deceive a male into raising a child that is not his.

I notice, even from the most liberal and open women, the smokescreen be applied when talking about this topic. “But perhaps he is okay with it”, adoption, sperm banks, etc.

HOWEVER – Red Pill truths can be sub-communicated to the woman so that she knows you just “get it” and that you are the LOVER – like my time with the The Czech Woman.

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