Field Report 003 – Ells In Berlin

Reddit Weed

Wading through the Red(dit) Weed, I found an entry of a young Daygamer in Berlin:

I reached out to him, stretching my hand through the Weeds, and he replied! Let’s call him Ells.

(BTW: He can be contacted at:


Reddit: u/MinxXxy)


A young British guy with impeccable Cambridge credentials who was on the road to mastering Daygame and building a rotation of young, hot, tight women.

His work rate for front stops was high and he threw himself into many sets mid-conversation.

He and I also did a number of two-sets – one in particular where I think he tagged the wrong woman to talk to as my girl – half Austrian, half Tunisian – was just … exquisite.

A hot, young Jordanian we both spotted – but Ells has first dibs as my Daygame host.

Berlin Stadtbiblothek and Franzosicher Strasse

Berlin is definitely the city if you are after tattoos, hippie clothes and nasty looking women. What amazed me was how hot and petite German girls were – with a touch of Vietnamese and Turkish for good measure.

I opened a French girl who was singing to herself in the coffee shop – a young, 24 year old classical pianist who unfortunately had a “friend” (whatever that means).

Ells arrived and I was pleasantly surprised that he was … British. I clearly did not read the profile.

We went for a brief stroll for about an hour around Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin and discussed our respective “journey”, the usual sizing up of Daygamers. Ells had been here for six months working in marketing – both through his work and self-marketing on the street.

Ells opened quite a few hotties – the streets were much more talented than I had remembered in my last two trips to Berlin. Daygame must have opened my eyes to women because I don’t remember seeing how petite and cute German women are.

We drew on the same chords of inspiration – Torero’s podcasts and a somewhat sceptical view of the Red Pill community and its more strident commentators and their ideas around how much women cheat.

I liked him. He was real.


I snuck out of the house – my brother was spray painting his bike and he asked where I was going. There was no point telling him: “just for a beer with Ells”.

Ells and I met at Weinmeisterstrasse for a good daygame sesh. Most of my opens were indirect and camera-based; his were direct and front stops.

He closed a whole bunch of girls – it was a fashion district for women; and I closed onean Indian girl on a weekend trip to Berlin.

The Indian set was dirty – she gave me a huge IOI and I had to honour it. She was flirty, fun and definitely not innocent, agreeing to meet for a beer over the weekend.

P. S. I did not honor the reach out when she wanted to meet for a beer. I sent her this text the next day … #daygamefails:

Raw Flohrmarkt

We had agreed to go to the flea markets in the afternoon … but I picked the wrong flea markets.

A school friend of mine – let’s call him Journey – whom I had not seen for twenty years was at the Raw Flohrmarkt selling jewellery. He was the first in my year to become a father … and had gone through a spiritual journey the last four years as the girl he raised on his own from 5 to 13 years had gone to live with her mother – and promptly stopped contacting him.

Journey and I bonded quite closely in that short time. We both had set ourselves free of being shamed as fathers; both had a love of younger women (he was seeing a 22 year old German girl who was the jewellery maker); and both knew our own value as men. It was a bittersweet moment as we both laughed at our lives in reverse Benjamin Button style.


Ells texted me and I realised I was in the … wrong flea market. Berlin had a number of them. I caught the tram to Mauerpark – a hotspot of hippie activity. The Great Unwashed were here and out in force.

Hippies’ Paradise

A well put-together woman …

You Make Me Feel Like A Natural … Daygamer

Gladiatorial sport

Most productive nation in Europe
These two were Yanks – loud voice, strong Frame and “sex hair”

Post-Daygame Debrief

We had some post-park beers and admired the talent as they walked past. It was distracting and we barely held a conversation.

One of the refreshing things I found about Ells – and one of the “core competencies” of a Daygamer – is not only leering at the girl on the street but APPROACHING HER. It really is the thing that separates boys from men.

Some of his leads’ messages started to flow in and he was giddy from the responses.

A pleasure to meet him. We will game again when I return to Berlin.

2 thoughts on “Field Report 003 – Ells In Berlin

    1. Ironically, I don’t think any of those leads bore any fruit … however Ells had a Same Day Lay recently which came out of nowhere. It’s funny what the Daygame life gives us when we are not expecting gifts.


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