Thought Bubble 001 – Orbit Theory


This is a series of short ideas or “Thought Bubbles” to help myself more fully understand the true nature of female sexuality.

I am sure that these ideas have already been given names within the seduction community however I wanted to define them for myself.

Feel free to comment.

Orbit Theory

Magnum ( and I have been discussing the concept of “orbit theory” where:

a woman will subconsciously or consciously put herself into orbit into a situation or an environment where there is a possibility of meeting a high-value guy will try to seduce her.

Below I have broken it down into Situation, Elements and an Example.

Dance Classes


A woman will join a Latin/salsa class ostensibly to learn how to dance … ostensibly.

Some women will go further than just a local dance class and travel to the teacher’s country to learn more about the dance.

Cuba is a perfect example of a Thailand for women – mostly white women looking to have a holiday romance with some black/mulato Cuban guy and fund his lifestyle.


1. Lead/follow structure of partner dancing which creates strong polarity

2. Exotic, foreign teacher – fit, attractive, Latin, often black (jungle fever in reverse)

3. Male physicality and artistry – ie. guys who love more than sport

4. Romantic bubble while dancing – as in tango, a “three minute romance”

5. Men who are not afraid to approach women, shower them with affection and escalate


Anybody who has been to a Latin dance class or been part of the scene knows that it is the white girls who fall victim to the Latin teacher the fastest. Most Latin dance teachers clean up and fuck many of their students. Sometimes Asian girls fall victim

1. A well-known female actress in Australia is dating a Latin dance teacher. Predictable. Much like her film work.

2. A wonderful little vignette of an Australian woman – 60 – who complained to me about the lack of eligible men for her. I told her to go to Europe. She liked the idea.

“But I have a better idea – why don’t you go to Cuba and fuck a whole bunch of black dudes thirty years younger than you?” I suggested.

“Coco, I’ve been there and done that already. I want something more permanent.”

Boot Camps/Gyms


A woman will join a bootcamp or gym ostensibly to get into shape … ostensibly.

One of the most dangerous elements of the gym is the infamous “personal trainer” – a one-on-one session between a fattie/neglected woman and a fit, hot trainer.


1. Overweight or neglected female who is single or in a boring relationship

2. Fit, attractive, young personal trainer

3. Moral support from the trainer to the fattie, heaping praise on her progress

4. The female thinking about sport fucking the trainer or masturbating to him at night


Bumblebee told me about her personal trainer – a young, fit Australian guy in a relationship. It was a private gym and she needed to book her sessions in with him. She had a group of girlfriends who would book a Saturday session and then “brunch” afterwards (ie. consume the calories you’ve just burnt).

One day, Bumblebee (BB) was lamenting the fact that one of her class had gotten pregnant to the personal trainer and that she decided to keep the baby. BB was sad because the trainer did not want the baby and disavowed the future mother. I told Bumblebee a slice of Red Pill truth: “she fucked him because he was hot, already taken, and would provide great genes to the baby.”

It was SO sad for her, BB sighed. I told her to snap out of it – it was 2019 and she could have had an abortion if she wanted.

Soon the future mother was banned from the gym as she was stalking the trainer, pleading with him for a relationship, and then gave a false choice to the girls group – “you support me or him”.

The girls, remaining in orbit, all chose him.


Surf / Pray / Fuck


For anybody who has seen Eat Pray Love – I pity you.

For anybody who had to sit through Mamma Mia! The Musical – I pity you.

For anybody who has read Lay Report 005 – The French Banker – I pity her.

Women throw themselves into travel for so many reasons – “discovering themselves”, adventure, excitement, better understanding of the world, cultural exchange, charity work, etc … ostensibly.

How about women travelling so they can expand the possibility of genetic availability in high-value men in a foreign locale? Perhaps even a destination where their Sexual Market Value has improved? Or where they can enjoy the delights of having their head against a bathroom mirror in a cheap hostel in Munich while being fucked by an Aussie backpacker? (That’s where I’m going now).


1. Juncture point for a woman – after school, after university, relationship breakdown, “discovering herself”, cancer scare, etc

2. Solo travel – speaks for itself

3. Woman’s Search for Meaning – not to make fun of Victor Frankl’s book (which is exceptional), but women really do not understanding this primal drive that generates so much of their searching activity.

4. Some form of diarising, blogging, communication plan to give the appearance of genuine, legitimate activities interspersed with “It Just Happened Sex”.


See the following example at the Casual Sex Project (

In short, 30 year old female in a 9.5 year monogamous relationship who decided to go on a surf trip to Morocco. She fucks the teacher and then splits up with the boyfriend.

I will quote some material from it:

Ilyas was my surf teacher for a week in Morocco. At that time, I was in a monogamous relationship for 9,5 years and I never cheated nor wanted to cheat on my partner. 

She not only rode a long board – she also rode him:

I slept at his place and left early in the morning. The next day was complicated. I was so thrilled about that incredible night, it was like having “real” sex for the first time. But I was also wondering what it meant for my relationship and my boyfriend. I broke up with my boyfriend 6 weeks later because Ilyas and I were still in touch every day, talking about how amazing and unforgettable the night was, calling each other every week, and making plans to see each other again. All I wanted was to be single to explore that relationship.

Blow / Choke / Fuck:

The first night we spent again together was the best sex night I’ve ever had. We had sex twice and I had over 10 orgasms during that night, 3-5 the first time and 5-7 the second time. The second time we had sex was the best of my life. I got so wild, gave him a blow job, he choked me, told me to “shut up” with his hand on and his fingers in my mouth. Of course, there was still a lot of spanking and domination from him (doggy style). Ilyas made me discover a new facet of my sexuality, that I liked rough sex, and that has changed my life

I wonder what the boyfriend was thinking when he purchased the ticket to Morocco for his girlfriend’s 30th birthday so she could “discover herself“. He must have “choked” up when she unceremoniously dumped him when she got back home.

No judgement on the girl – she wasn’t being fucked properly.

This guy is definitely not Ilyas – just have a look at that cock-cover going on with his hands.

2 thoughts on “Thought Bubble 001 – Orbit Theory

  1. Great post on this concept.

    The big one I would add is major cities. Women flock to big cities like New York, add a subconscious level in my opinion, in the hopes of meeting very high value males.

    It explains why Certain cities have such a high female to male ratio.

    As a player it’s great to understand these scenarios, so we can put ourselves in a favorable situation.


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