Guest Lay Report 002 – SDL, Fail, SDL by Paul


I met Paul at a talk in October 2018 where the daygame old hand Yad was to appear. Due to Yad’s unforeseen issues coming to Australia, Paul subbed in for him and gave a great talk for a first time speaker.

Paul coached me a few weeks after that and we developed a friendship and bond despite the 16 years difference in age. There were as many successful lay stories of Paul as moments holding his dick in his hand on the lounge trying to work out why leads were not responding to him. He and I shared many ideas about seduction, Red Pill and sex skills. I found him unusually ‘woke’ so-to-speak for his age and his best insights were when he shared his difficulties and vulnerabilities in the Player’s Journey.

When the following SDLs (and Fail) were happening, he was giving me live feedback on what was about to occur as he was using my house as a base. I can attest to the veracity of both SDLs as well as the fact that the Chilean girl who was HOT.

I found the highs and lows of this Daygame story compelling and asked Paul to tell me his story. Many in the seduction community only want to tell the highs – but the truly exciting storytelling rests in the “wounded warriors”, the “hero’s journey” and the “underdog”. I tweeted recently that Lay Reports should have an arc and be didactic (ie. teach something). The story is as follows:

Same Day Lay – Busty Chilean

Imagine a few cup sizes smaller and she’s a spitting image of the real thing!

Enter Paul:

It’s a sunny late afternoon in Sydney, my vibe is on I’m out doing solo daygame which is what I prefer now days and I’m horny and it’s shining through my eyes. I quite literally turn into a tiger when I’m horny, my eyes become glaringly focused. I walk with my chest up and all girls around notice, and I refuse to walk around anyone. I walk straight through the middle of the street, everyone sees I’m not to be messed with and guys walks right around, even guys double my size. I don’t actually have any ill intent and I’ve been in hardly any fights in my life, but testosterone does that to you makes you think you’re much bigger shit than you really are. That can be a good or bad thing but I’ll talk about this another time.

I spot a busty Chilean girl walking around the Royal Botanical Gardens behind the Opera House – exactly my type. She had a tight T shirt showing off most of her tits, they looked big and silicone filled, she had all the curves in the right places (not the tummy).

I wouldn’t be surprised if I had opened her before, which is usually what happens when I see a Latina girl who’s just my type.

However I haven’t opened her before, and she was my favourite type of Latina, one of those who hardly speaks English. She held solid eye contact I could see the eye sparkle, she had as much as a DNA tug as I did (a DNA tug meaning a genetic match – we both know biologically that us two reproducing is a good idea).

I hardly go for Same Day Lays these days due to poor logistics and most of the time attempting them they don’t lead to sex. Even if you manage to get them to your bedroom they often freak out since its all happening so fast you very likely wont ever see them again. The exceptions are the gifts from the daygame gods, examples are:

– A tourist only spending a couple of days here and doesn’t know anyone she’ll be much more inclined to fast adventure sex

– A girl who’s incredibly horny, maybe even as horny as you are. She hasn’t been fucked for a long time due to unforeseen circumstances

– A super Yes girl who just adores you physically and fancies you so much that even if it means fucking you so fast that she never sees you again is worth the risk

This girl was a mix of three – fancied me, leaving the country in a week, and didn’t know anyone here literally anyone. She was just staying for a short visit before she meets her friends in Bali.

Chatting to her went well even though she quite literally didn’t speak a word of English. It was mostly sub communication and body language. We were using Google Translator and getting very close to each other.

When it comes to seducing girls its is “feelz” above logic, meaning if you feel she’s attractive and you feel comfortable with her then she likes you too, most likely. Too often guys assume because she doesn’t speak English they can’t seduce her – speaking is logic, feelings are not. Girls are emotional creatures, not logical like us men – you can’t seduce a girl through logic. So stop freaking out if she doesn’t speak English!

Probing her logistics and finding out she doesn’t have any plans I invite her on an instant date. She complies and doesn’t even ask where we’re going. Walking toward the bar she was brushing up against me the whole way, a huge sign of horniness and her wanting to be close to me.

We got to the bar, drank a beer and it was mostly solid eye contact which I hardly broke once. I was showing her that I am an open book and have nothing to hide. She was scanning my eyes assessing my genetic makeup, which I believe she was subconsciously deciding at this moment that she’d fuck me.

We finished our beers and I said ‘lets go, I want to show you hyde park (where I intended to go for the kiss)’. As we were walking there she was physically in my frame totally and I’d test her – if I walked to the side a little she’d follow and If I stopped to tell her something she’d stop too and get very close to listen, putting herself in a position to be kissed.

We got to the park, and the time being early evening was pretty dark and secluded I went for the kiss when we got to the park, she melted into my body pushing into me, completely submitted, I pushed her away. Second time going for the kiss she was gliding her hands over my body and reached for my dick outside my jeans, she was very turned on. We made out 4 or 5 times through the park each time getting more sexual, I was kissing her from behind at once stage turning her neck and she was grinding her ass on my crotch, we were both ready to fuck, i just needed to make it happen.

I was horny, she was horny, and things seemed promising.

As a golden rule, if a girl ever reaches for your cock without you guiding her hands there then its a HUGE green light, and its time to move things towards sex ASAP before it’s too late.

I decided I was going to walk towards her hotel at Central and try and fuck her there but aborted mission half way through and decided I’ll fuck her at my friend Red Coco’s home since it felt like a sure thing and I didn’t want any logistical issues. We had already been walking for so long without her worrying or asking about where we’re going, which is usually a good sign she’s ready to be extracted.

We got on the train walked to the home, with no resistance at all. I was overly enthused at fucking her and went straight into escalation heavily making out on the futon, and she was reaching for my dick again, clothes came off quickly her body was perfect, big fake tits with a lean tummy and wide hips with a big ass that sticks out, literally the type of girl I’d chose to watch a porno of.

Was shit sex, my dick was in a bit of pain, having taken a wank the previous day. Though she got on top of me and rode me like an absolute Latina machine, that was incredible and it was a good reminder why I chase and love latinas so much. The most passionate sex I’ve ever had usually seem to be with latinas, they let you dominate but at the same time whatever you choose to do with them in the bed they do it with heart and soul. In this case I did let her snatch the frame a little bit and she pushed me down to ride me, I wouldn’t usually allow this but I knew I didn’t have much chance of seeing her again and she was leaving in a week anyway, so I just enjoyed the ride.

She left straight after sex due to it being quite a shit experience (no dominance, no ravishing).


Australian beaches – where the most dangerous animal is a jacked Instagram model

However we met a few days later and went to the beach. As we sat down at the beach she wouldn’t stop eye scanning other high value guys. She also stopped giving me public displays of affection, which she was doing a lot of during our ferry trip there and went silent. This was a strong boundary crossed, I wont put up with this behaviour and I’m not going to be tooled in front of other people at the beach. I asked her why she was doing this and she refused to tell me (confirming that she was behaving this way due to something personal). I got up and left her alone at the beach. It was as much as a painful sting to me as it would have been for her.

I had gone from an extreme euphoric high of banging a girl who was just my DNA type so quickly (something I used to dream about in my school days) to an extreme low of a harsh personal rejection. I believe she was scanning around seeing other high value guys and thinking ‘I don’t want to have shit sex with this guy again, since its my last couple of days here I want great sex with another high value guy and there looks to be plenty here’ especially because she was at the beach with so many jacked Aussie guys.

Who knows if she got what she wanted that night, I never spoke to her again. The reason I share the depressing end to the story is because I want to be vulnerable and honest about the players life. Nearly every successful player you’ll meet goes through life of extreme highs and extreme lows and it is unlikely they’ll ever go back to the balanced life of nothing really exciting happening but nor nothing extremely devastating ever happening to them like say your typical married office cubicle chode.

But it is what it is, and being unplugged and woke from the matrix seeing the world through a clear red pill perspective wins over a balanced life any time, I will always choose brutal harsh truths over a life of a delusion. And the life experiences of players, e.g. crazy wild sex and putting yourself so frequently in novelty wild situations make a life more than worth telling your grandkids about.

Same Day Lay – French Girl

As I returned to Circular Quay on my own after a very thought-filled trip back on the ferry, I decided to do a little daygame so that I can move on quickly and forget this girl ASAP. As a rule, this applies to all girls you’re obsessed over – ex girlfriends, girls you really liked who flaked on you, etc – go out and do daygame. The best way to move on is always by meeting other girls.

The Royal Botanical Gardens – known for its flora ‘samedaylayicus’

I thought the daygame gods might gift me if I return to the same park that I met the chilean, and boy was I right. I spotted a French Asian girl lying down – curvy brown features and an ass that stuck out. I went up and approached her. She was reading her book but she sat up instantly and locked eye contact eagerly. I had a good feeling from the get go.

We vibed and chatted to a bit after a bit the conversation got very sexual. We started talking about Tinder and she was saying that guys only go on tinder for sex. I told her that if I’m horny then I go out hunting: I don’t just stay at home swiping on Tinder. My honesty, and being openly sexual encouraged her to be openly sexual, she started telling me she hadn’t had sex for 6 months and that when she’s horny she never meets the right guy. These were bright green lights, she also hardly knew anybody here and was an introverted girl – typical types for Same Day Lays.

The reason why the French colonised Vietnam!

After a while she actually suggested an instant date, saying there is a cool bar nearby that has happy hour at this time, and she needed to return there since she left her pencil case there.

We got in to the bar and she was right up next to me from the get go on the sofa. Right in kissing distance, we got stuck into the Questions Game. It was easy to get the conversation sexual again since we had already started in the park. I was telling her she has great tits and ass and she accepted my advances, telling me all the guys tell her the same.

When I finally went for the kiss it was an explosion, she was a thousand times more hornier than me, she literally just flopped into me, started moaning lightly and rubbing her pussy against my leg (I’m not exaggerating one bit).

It was time to extract. She already told me she lives nearby but her flatmate might be home. We chatted for a bit about where she lives and where I live – she would’ve definitely known that I was just sorting the logistics to fuck her in my head.

After making out a few more times she couldn’t take it anymore, she asked if she could go back to my home and it was easy from there. We took an uber straight back to my home, and she was rubbing my dick in the car the whole car ride home, I was also fingering her while maintaining a normal conversation with the driver. Which was exciting for both of us.

We got in, to the house I escalated straight away, she showed no resistance at all but just said “this is so fast” and I responded “yes it is” and kept escalating. Fucked her decently and we left shortly after, she was leaving the country soon too, but she was telling me she’d like to see me again, but I knew it would be unlikely.

When The War Is Over

Hope you enjoyed this war story, and I hope it inspires you to get back on your feet after shit happens. This world is literally swarmed with hot girl and girls who will fuck you. Daygame is a therapy for me, connecting with girls and having sex is the best medicine for any depressing thing that happens in your life. I am forever grateful for daygame including ups and downs, theres always something to be learnt.

As always,


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