Date Report 003 and 004 – The English Patient; and Workshop Girl

The English Patient

“Let’s be honest – you have just never been fucked properly!”

English girl, 25, and a good example of a pickup using skills I had obtained on the street applied to one of my music jams. I suppose it could be called Music Game.

She was a budding – but dreadful – jazz singer and I accompanied her on an out-of-tune rendition of Summertime. I had been playing for three hours and as the night ended, I noticed her moving out of the venue. I stopped her – like a daygame front stop – and very directly handed over my phone for her number and an offer to go out for a drink.

We met that Thursday night at a bar near her work. It was happy hour and we got drinks with minutes to spare. She took off her coat to discover a smashing figure and leopard skin top.

The date proceeded – a little dull although I knew she liked me so pushed ahead. When we started the Question Game I could see that she was going to ask lowball questions about favourite pizza toppings and the like. I sensed innocence – whatever happened to dirty, grubby English girls?

She was an accountant and, like many English girls, tended to hide her full expression of emotions through alcohol. Combined with accountancy, she was dull.

I bounced her to a second venue and we – I mean I – ordered drinks and dinner. There, at the venue, I sexualised the conversation as it really wasn’t going anywhere:

“Listen: we are going to make out before you finish that glass of wine”.

She looked at the wine glass like it was a prop in a Hitchcock movie – once it got to empty a bomb would explode. She glanced at it over and over again – I finally had her attention.

“Ahh, now you get it, you’ve realised that I’m here to decide whether I’m going to seduce you.”

I pushed her to sexualise the Questions Game – she had a vibrator, used it three times/week, never came during sex, had last had sex in October 2018, and had sucked off some guy when she was 18 and then told her boyfriend at the time. Ahh – now that’s the English girl I expected.

So I threw in a grenade to shake things up:

“Let’s be honest – you have just never been fucked properly!

She agreed.

We moved to another bar where I dragged her into a hallway and made out with her. It was dreadful. She was one of the worst kissers I have ever experienced – small, baby kisses like a child. No – strike that – my son is four and he has given me better kisses.

God – what was this girl going to be like in bed?

I put her in an Uber and sent her home. Haven’t seen her since.

Workshop Girl

“Look, I am a good guy. I really want to make sure that I can be the best man … for my son”.

Japanese girl, 33, and a good example of slow K-selected game.

We had met at one of the coffee shops in the city and I had sneakily grabbed her Line contact out of site of her colleagues.

One day, before meeting a new Daygamer, she came to meet me and trailed me around the city in a huge act of compliance. After the Daygamer arrived, I said goodbye and muttered to him: “I am going to fuck the shit out of that girl. It will be the best fuck of her life”.

She and I scheduled a coffee date and we went up to Hyde Park to talk. It was a lovely afternoon and we sat by the fountain where many Daygamers had done their first sets.

She was wary of me and could smell Player from a distance. She asked about whether I had a girlfriend, whether I had other women, my past relationships, etc. She told me about an old Taiwanese boyfriend of hers who had cheated on her so she left.

At this point I realised she was very K-selected and needed 2-3 dates at least to be ready to fuck.

So I softened, told her I had a fear of clowns, was learning how to tap dance, was a nice guy and did charity work in my spare time. She seemed unfazed.

Then I dropped the Joker on her:

“Look, I am a good guy. I really want to make sure that I can be the best man … for my son”.

She melted. I could visibly see that she had changed her image of me. The pendulum had swung in my favour.

We finished our coffee and she joined me to find a microphone for my camera as I was planning to film a piano/vocal session I was arranging. She ran around the city following me – yet another exercise in compliance – and we later said goodbye in front of Town Hall.

I resisted the kiss. I wanted to save it for later. When she does finally kiss me, I will ask her back to the house and give her the biggest fuckfest she has ever experienced.

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