Coco and Peach

An improbable combination


Peach was the subject of Lay Report 004 – Peach, a young 21 year old Swedish girl whom I met through a Sugar Daddy app and then fucked after she reached out to meet for a booty call.

Below is a summary of a dinner date I had with her some days later – where we planned the next step of our strange relationship.

Call Back

I did not expect to see her again. My last four lays had simply disappeared and did not want to meet again, presumably because of the quick nature of our meeting and seduction. Peach, however, I invited to dinner.

She was to meet me at 7:30pm at Town Hall Station. At 7:45pm, I was annoyed and decided that I would open the first girl I could find – a young 20 year old French art student who was sitting smoking nearby.

The girl I met was younger and hotter than this girl

We chatted for a good 30 minutes. I expected Peach to turn up any minute and find me talking to this girl … but she didn’t. I got the Smoker’s Instagram details before receiving a series of apologetic messages from Peach. She had slept through her alarm.

I asked her to meet me – on my terms – which she eventually did, apologising profusely for being late. It seemed plausible – her hair was wet which was a no-no in grooming so she must have rushed to get out of the house. She looked wonderful, wearing an expensive blouse and a pantsuit, draped from behind by her long hair.


My plan was to take her for a drink at Bambini, a wine establishment, before bouncing her to a rock venue called Frankie’s to eat pizza-by-the-slice. The pizza was out – she would have been the most overdressed person in the bar. So we went to drink wine and I thought of a new plan.

I rewarded bad behaviour by taking her here!

We sat down and I requested her to ask me a difficult question. I expected it to be something sexual, but the smart girl in her hit a nerve:

“Tell me how you feel about your new life now that your son is with his mother”.

This girl was bold. Committing a Red Pill sin, I told her how I felt – free to live a single life of debauchery, yet hurt that I could not spend enough time with him. But I came clean:

“To be honest, I am happy with the situation. His mother is a good parent and I want a free life”.

I could see that she was trying to compare her hardships to mine, but I knew she was realistic about how very few difficulties could be faced by a girl of 21 living a life of privilege in Sweden.

The conversation moved on and I asked her about the Snap message I had sent her:

“Now don’t get any big ideas that I will finger you under the table and fuck you in a disabled toilet.”

She told me she was only expecting dinner and danced around the topic of sex until I squeezed it out of her. She was on her period and did not like to fuck when bleeding.

I felt she had played me, got angry and paid the bill and left. She tagged along and eventually told me that as I had suggested dinner, she had come out. Women take whatever role you give them.

I cooled down and told her I would go for dinner – she was welcome to come if she wanted.

The Golden Century

We went to the Golden Century, the best Chinese restaurant in the country and a haunt for gangsters and criminals after midnight.

Over pickled vegetables and Satay chicken, we had a bizarre conversation about sex parties, erotic massage and vibrators.

I elicited from her the usual standard sex information I get out of girls – she had had sex with a woman, used the oral contraceptive pill, had never had sex with two guys before, had never tried anal sex, and had never been to to a sex party. I had overestimated her.

The Photo Shoot

A friend of mine, the Russian, had told me he needed a girl to do a photo shoot for a vibrator that he was importing into Australia. It was a small gig and only required a tasteful thigh shot in lingerie while holding the vibrator.

She seemed curious – not only for the cash but also the guy importing the vibrator. I asked her why: “well, whether I would fuck him”.

My World

I then told her about “my world” – which is essentially the essence of Frame. In my opinion, Frame is the world she steps into – yours. When she tries to snatch the Frame, she is attempting to draw you into her world.

The Frame I set for myself was a sex-positive guy involved in sex parties and partner swapping. She did not challenge this Frame and seemed genuinely curious to enter this world.

Except … there is no world. I bluffed her. A number of mates – RP Musicology, SG, and others – had teased the idea of going to sex clubs and parties. None of us had any contacts and I would wager little experience.

Propelled from my recent lays, I set about thinking what would strengthen my Frame as a Top Guy – and decided that I would create my own sex parties on a small scale and filter girls into it.

Drawing on Red Quest’s work (, I considered the following:

1. Pick up skills to attract as many young women as possible

2. Filtering/Frame skills to filter out the non-contenders

3. Sex skills to keep the girls interested and give the appearance of experience

4. Physicality and looksan essential quality for younger girls

Peach seemed keen and had never been involved in anything like that. I had her hooked.

Erotic Massage

Peach had mentioned during our hookup that she was interested in erotic massage.

I told her what I knew about it – she needed her own table and private location to receive clients, she needed to know about erotic massage techniques, and had to consider carefully what services she would provide.

She seemed green to all of this – liberalised Sweden had given her the idea that being a sex worker would be a good thing to do … but still she had the mindset of a new girl who had to find the guys attractive. Clearly she had no idea of what sex work entailed.

She had no venue to receive clients. I toyed with the idea of my house before realising it was too risky as I wanted to keep my place.

I suggested an erotic photo shoot and an advertisement on the internet. This fed into my interest in photography and a good example of how I could build an erotic photo collection to send to other girls.

But then a dark idea struck me – why not feed her Blue Pill clients from my other social gatherings? The Red Pill guys would not bother – they could already get girls. But the guys who struggled would be perfect candidates for an erotic massage with “my Swedish friend”.

I suggested that she attend one of my functions where she could meet up to 80 men, some of whom would be great candidates for erotic massage.

Face Off

“I could eat a Peach for hours”

As we sat there, I asked her whether she thought I was good with women. Very good, she said. I asked her why:

“Your looks, the way you talk to everybody, the way you talk to me as a woman. You remind me of my brother”.

She had joked about another sugar daddy she had – Paul:

“Perhaps he could be your first client”, I remarked. The guys on the site were dreadful in appearance and I knew this girl was fucking me because of my looks.

“I know you can pick up guys. You’re a hot little 21 year old from Sweden with a nice arse and fresh looks. And I’m an attractive guy and can pick up girls … so we are even”.

We stared at each other:

“But you are really just an innocent little girl who likes to wear pink and thinks she is more important than she really is. Tell me honestly: was it a good fuck between us?”

Very good, she said.

“Next time I see you, Peach, you are going to sit on my face”.

What Do You Want In Return?

We talked until 1am. The whole time she gently rubbed my leg and I sat there with an erection, thinking when I was going to fuck this girl again.

I did not get the sense there was strong desire between us – but I liked the girl. She was my test case to see whether I could bluff her into thinking I was more of a Top Guy than I really was.

I liked talking to her freely about sex and desire, to the point we were planning sex clubs and erotic massage.

I liked her innocence and Scandinavian squareness, at the same time seeing her trying to rebel against a heavily socialised and feminised system of thought.

I liked that she was the hottest woman I had ever met, was sexually open, on contraceptives (I could cum in her), and curious.

I liked that she was girly and loved dressing up and wearing pink.

I liked that she did not have the deep depth of sexual experience – this gave me space to draw her in.

She asked me what I wanted in return for all this. She understood value exchange:

“I like you – I haven’t made up my mind yet what I want”.

I had made up my mind – I wanted her to bring me new girls to initiate into sex parties, or friends who were not being fucked properly. I wanted to dominate her and introduce her to new sex acts – to choke her, tie her up, fuck her in the arse, and trade her with mates so I could fuck their girls.

It was a fantasy – but having coming so far in the last six months, I was ready to create this world rather than wait for others to gift it to me.

I dropped her home. The temperature had dropped and I gave her my jacket as she shivered up the street. We kissed a little and then she snuck inside, sending me a sweet message thanking me for the night.

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