Guest Lay Report 001 – Polar Binks

“She wanted a fight, and she wanted me to win.” – Polar Binks

This is a Guest Lay Report from a wing of mine – Polar Binks.

I Tweeted recently: “I like Lay Reports when they have a story arc, explain milestones and signals, and describe what makes for good seduction and sex.”

I want this Guest Lay Report series to be didactic and teach Gamers what is possible with women via good storytelling.

We are all primal creatures and apart from the love of fucking, we also like a good story.

Red Coco

Enter Polar Binks

I am writing this report one day after the lay so I have had time to put things in perspective. First and foremost, game works. After 50 or so approaches, 3 dates I have proven to myself that it is indeed possible to approach gorgeous women on the street and convince them to have sex with you. The world lied, Santa is real, there is a God.

If I had to describe my First Day Game lay, I would compare it to having a reached the summit after a slow and steady climb on the mountain side. The view is amazing, the air is fresh but also my oxygen starved mind is hallucinating on mixed feelings of possibilities, achievement, and lust.

The Date

She was 30 minutes late. Let’s call her Suz. Normally, I would be unhappy at such tardiness, however considering that the date location I had picked was out of city (for logistical reasons) and not super accessible, 30 minutes was bearable. I later found out that she had moved houses the same day, so it was miracle she showed up at all. 

Sticking to the Krauser’s model for dates, Venue 1 was a coffee shop, the idea being that you can have a normal, neutral conversation to calm the nerves, build rapport and comfort in a low pressure environment. That’s not exactly how it panned out. She rocked up, looking tired and a bit irritable. We ordered coffees and she made it clear with a tone that left no room for arguments that she would be paying for her drinks, I was only too happy to oblige. We sat outside. The conversation was flat, something I had not experienced on my other two dates and I was not well prepared for the awkwardness that ensued. It was probably my fault, I was trying to get her to invest too early (the other two girls had been happy to invest and share early on), she however was either not interested or not comfortable sharing facts about her life. 

The First Bounce

After a very ‘exchanging resume’ style conversation, I moved us to the bar next door –Venue Two – which had a vibrant atmosphere with drunken laughter and spilt beer (on the account of people trying to fit a whole night of drinking into a few hours before Good Friday trading restrictions kicked in at 9 pm). We ordered drinks at the bar, she ordered a gin and tonic, I of course had the scotch and soda. As per Krauser’s advice, I should have told my date to pick a spot while I get the drinks, in order to build compliance. However, my last two dates had literally picked the worst spots in the venue leading me to believe that girls are incapable of doing anything logistically sound on the first date.

We sat next to each other in a L shaped booth, and so began a barrage of shit tests. While the conversation at times was light especially when sharing stories about drunken escapades, a lot of other topic of conversations were met with disdain, ‘Why are we talking about this’, ‘how do you expect me to answer that question’, ‘Uhm nothing.. what are YOU passionate about’, ‘you judge people too much’. My standard physical escalation ‘you have such small hands’ (which had worked well last couple of times ) was met with ‘obviously, I am a shorter person’ with a look on her face which if verbalised might have added ‘you fucking idiot’. I held my own though, I am used to abuse in my line of work (when you are giving 50+ year old tradesman engineering advice, you learn to take a few).

I ignored her negativity, it was evident from her constantly shaking leg and lack of eye contact that she was still nervous and probably very tired. Regardless, she had made the effort to come out after a big day, she was sitting there, wearing tight clothes, looking hot, she wanted to be fucked. But she would not waste her time with a chode, I could tell from her demeanour that she had walked over many men in her life. It was understandable, her pretty face and tight, petite, young body naturally drew a lot of male attention. Still, despite being a sex-theory expert in my own mind, I could not figure out the play, I had been non reactive to her shit tests and I still didn’t see any opening, no attraction. 

She then commented on how my drink was disgusting and she could not understand why anyone would drink something that tasted that horrible. I told her that it was customary in my family for girls to only drink whisky and soda after marriage and it is all she would find in my house after our wedding. That drew the biggest smile and a slightly murderous look in her eyes. Good. It was obvious. She wanted a fight, and she wanted me to win. From then on, building attraction was relatively easy, the formula was simple. Take any negative assumption she made, exaggerate it to make it 10 times worse and convey how I gave no shits about what she thought of me. So I turned the shit test about me being organized and being a boring travel companion into me kicking her out of bed at six in the morning and slapping her with a strict hour by hour itinerary. Even though I am nothing like this on holidays, to try and qualify myself to her as a ‘chill and free spirited dude’ would have only lost attraction, the point was, I did not care what she thought of me.

Above – Polar’s First Holiday with Suz

The Second Bounce

Lacking a proper venue 3 (cocktail bar), I had planned for us to go for a walk in a park (that was on way to my apartment), a seed I had already planted in her mind. As we crossed the highway and turned into a quieter street, my heart started racing, this was going too well. Unable to think of a smooth way to escalate I just blurted out ‘show me your hand’, she complied and I held it lighty. ‘Clever trick!’ she exclaimed at my audacity. I let it go, she didn’t, she was happy to be led.

I slowed things down in the park, taking time to comment on its several features that gave this particular park the illusion of being a hollywood filming set. As we approached the end of our walk, I pulled her in and kissed her. She responded with such enthusiasm, that I could have pulled her to private spot in the park, but my apartment was only a block away. I walked her to it and pulled her with the excuse of finishing a movie I had started (another seed that I had planted earlier). The rest is for my memories alone.

The Wrap Up

My first lay would not have been possible without the excellent support I received from the daygame community with Red Coco being prominent among the mentors. It is for the most part a path that needs to be walked alone, but with the right support and peer group you can turn lead into gold. My advice to beginners like me would be to find peers who you vibe with, take time to support each other, be positive and don’t be an energy leech. Your good day game wings will be more important than any girl you can pick up. 

Early on in my journey I have realised that no one owes me anything, if someone does something nice for me, it is a blessing, not an entitlement.

Polar Binks

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