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A number of blogs recently have commented on the topic of players and children – excellent pieces by The Red Quest ( and Magnum Live Large ( While I am a nascent Player, I do have a son – let’s call him Maverick Jr. – and wanted to add some commentary to the discussion.

This is a rambling, reflective piece on what motivates me to be a Player. For stories of smashing chicks, look to other blog entries.

The End Game

The Twittersphere asked the question what the “end game” is of Game – in my opinion, it is a continuing state of mind where you decide which women you want in your life and the kind of relationship you want with them.

The pathway to this end game was not so clear to me but I do remember some milestones:

1. Rollo Tomassi’s blog The Rational Male

2. Geoffrey Miller’s and Tucker Max’s book Mate

3. Robin Baker’s book Sperm Wars

4. Tom Torero’s podcast

5. My first two Daygame lays

Tom’s podcast listened to on the way back from dropping my son off to live with his mother, some five hours from where I live. When I returned to my city, I ended a relationship with a woman I had been seeing romantically and swallowed hard the Red Pill.

Why did I do it? Well, to reflect on my “end game”, I liked the woman – Miss Bumblebee – but not the kind of relationship. But that was not the real motivator. It was the Blue Pill tragedy of failing at what you don’t want – and I did not want to see my son leave … but he did.

My Father

My father consoled me – he had become a father way too early in life, got a girl pregnant at 16, and eventually married her after rescuing her from a home where women went to have babies before they were put up for adoption. His daughter was anaemic and crying for six months before settling with an injection of iron.

A second child arrived … and a few years after that he and his wife “grew apart”. She had had a number of affairs and eventually left, leaving him with the kids for a number of years. The Court eventually granted split custody to both parents, only for the second child – my eldest brother – to leave and live with his mother. Dad was left without anybody. He failed at what he didn’t want.

He eventually remarried and had two more children – my brother and I.

Maverick Jr.

I took care of my boy the moment he was born. He was the product of love (at least I thought), a healthy child, sweet boy and very close to me for the first four years of his life. I remember playing Errol Garner’s rendition of Moonglow to him at the hospital, singing him Baby Mine from Dumbo, and doing my best to play Good Dad.

What does all this have to do with Game and smashing chicks? Well, my son leaving was counterintuitively the best move for me to become free again as a man. It sounds selfish but it was – I was free to live on my own, take care of myself, and see any woman that I liked.

I separated from my ex in late 2015. She left the house we were living in with my parents and found her own place. I was a Blue Pill wreck – overweight, very needy, and fathering a one year old child we shared custody of. I was shocked at how quick things changed.


In 2016 I dived into a whole host of new interests to “build my value” as a man – improv comedy, stand up comedy, weightlifting, rockclimbing, salsa dancing. It was the roundabout way of going after women – because I had never approached a woman directly.

I was in Boyfriend Mode still and dated a Korean girl who could only be described as a Bunny Boiler. I ended the relationship after she started coming to the house unannounced. I reinitiated it under the guise of an “open relationship” before ending it permanently. My cherished moments with her mostly related to how much she could squirt when we fucked. Unusually, with her I learnt how to breathe and fuck a girl properly.

In 2017, I remained in Boyfriend Mode and dated an overweight American girl. She was the Chef and was a fantastic cook. I liked the banter but not the waistline. Still, one time she invited me to bring my keyboard to her house and gave me a blowjob while I played Love is a Losing Game by Amy Winehouse.

In late 2017/early 2018, I transitioned away from the Chef, again under the guise of “open relationship”, and met Miss Bumblebee.

During this whole time, I was living with my parents and had a young son to look after. So despite this, I still had enough Sexual Market Value to play in Boyfriend Mode and pick up three women.

In 2018 I spent the first nine months of the year in a torrid and highly sexual relationship with Miss Bumblebee. We fucked relentlessly, and after a highly charged session, we lay naked on the bed and I showed her a keyring with a photo of my son. I had hidden this from her because I still felt shame at being a separated father and thought she would not accept me as a sexual possibility if I told her the truth upfront.

When time came to move out of the house, coinciding with my son leaving, the Boyfriend Mode facade fell apart and I decided I wanted to be reborn as a Player.


Within the first two weeks of ending my Boyfriend Mode with Miss Bumblebee and living in my own place without my son, I fucked three new women. It was such a shock to me because it happened within three days.

I then spent the ensuing months chasing women, fucking another two before December along with four other women I tried to fuck. Boyfriend Mode was being erased in front of my very eyes.

The Reveal was that I was discovering that underneath this skin was an unrealised Sexual Market Value, hidden through years of poor diet and exercise, laziness, chodeyness, and this sense of shame that would wash over me if I did not play anything less than on Boyfriend Mode.


In November 2018 I received daygame coaching from Paul, a local coach in my city, and for the first time made a direct cold approach to a woman. It was exhilarating. I was astounded at the amount of Indicators of Interest women would show me in the street. I number closed four girls on the first day of coaching.

I daygamed for a number of months with different wings, eventually going out on three dates which went nowhere. March and April this year surprised me with two first date lays, one of which was a Same Day Lay. Four months of pounding the pavement had paid off.


I took my son to the Easter Show recently, a large variety show held in my city every year where farm animals come to town to be judged. It is really an excuse to eat shitty Show food, pat goats, buy overpriced theme bags full of Chinese produced rubbish, and watch butch women chop wood.

A curious convergence occurred as we walked around the Show. I was playing Good Dad … and at the same time felt like a Daygame wolf soaking up the atmosphere and the incredible amount of female beauty around me. I spotted Indicators of Interest, one of whom did a double-take look at me while on the train platform. The energy at the show was sexual and dark, despite the family-friendly facade of the faces of people around me. I saw people in a new light. I initiated conversation with silly, facetious comments to women. I swaggered as I normally would during Daygame. I was tempted to cold approach.

I had become the Player Dad.

Night Thoughts

As I lay by my son’s side that night, he comfortably nestled like a little puppy, I reflected on the last six months of my life.

In the same bed I had fucked eight different girls – leaving an imprint of semen, sweat, blood and pussy juice soaked through to the mattress.

We are all the products of dirty, incessant fucking. My journey has taught me that despite the facade of respectable society, there is a dark undercurrent of dirty, sordid energy.

Now I could gently smile at that cute mother and then shift and give her an eyefuck she will remember, use my young son as a prop to warm up young women I like (Miss Boulder), and then hide behind the respectability and safety of the Beta male Dad who takes his son to the Show and plays nicely in society.

Player State of Mind

Being a Player requires:

1. Time, freedom and logistics to seduce women; and

2. The right mindset of approach, attraction and escalation.

How do you do that when you have children? I can thank my parents for their support, taking care of him when required. Indirectly they have also helped me rebuild, restructure and rebrand as a Player.

When my son was staying with me during the Christmas period, it was VERY difficult to attract, isolate and escalate on new women because I was taking care of him. No amount of skill can do that.

One thing I would recommend is to keep on regular girls when you are in Player Dad mode. I still see Miss Bumblebee and we have a great time with my son in addition to hard sex once he is put to bed. (One moment was particularly intense as we fucked in a bathroom while my son slept. She then knelt down and gave me a blowjob while putting a vibrator to her clitoris – so yes it is possible).

Going Home

My son will be going home soon back to his mother, stepdad and new baby brother. They have chosen for themselves an ordinary life, somewhat mediocre in my opinion. The stepfather is very Blue Pill, under the thumb of my ex, and unusually jealous of me. He seems trapped … yet much of my new life has been facilitated because of him – he helps me keep my ex and her failings at bay. I can only thank him for taking her and her problems off my hands.

Before he leaves, I will reflect on how much I can play the Good Dad with him – cuddling, kisses, sleeping in the same bed, going to the Show, playing in the park.

And once he is gone … I will get back to doing what I have always wanted to do – smash chicks and become the sexual man I have always wanted to be.

Become the Player.

2 thoughts on “Player Dad

  1. Great origin story for your blog. And for someone who doesn’t have kids but might want to some day, it’s good to see that being a player dad is completely possible.


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