Storytelling: A Tale of Two Students

Coach Kondo

Let’s call my colleague Coach Kondo (or Kondo for short).

In October last year, a colleague of mine – Kondo – moved into my team. In casual conversation I mentioned that I was single again, had my own apartment, and had recently expressed an interest in Game.

Kondo spoke the language of Game without having ever studied it. In his words, he said that at the age of twenty-one he would enjoy himself as much as possible. This continued until his early thirties when he married and eventually had kids.

Kondo’s notch count were very impressive, even for the Game community. He was a natural – attractive, good talker, and at the time of his notch harvest, he had impeccable logistics only minutes from a major beachside nightclub in Sydney.

Student Red Coco

Next to our desks was a large wall map. Kondo challenged me to date 24 women by the 24th of December with a 50% conversation rate. Each date would be a number; and each conversion an asterisk.

At the time I was mixing online dating with a nascent interest in daygame. I also had a number of old leads including Miss Play Date and The Receptionist.

During the period I went on:

1. twelve dates

2. five conversions

3. Two Blue Balls

4. Two no-further-interest cuts from my side

My successes were mixed: fool’s gold of three conversions within a period of five days, then a prolonged drought of Blue Balls, followed by two more successes and the re-emergence of Miss Bumblebee.

Kondo was disappointed in my progress during the 12 Week Challenge and felt that it had been bogged down by an unhealthy interest in Daygame, ego service (through this blog) and a lack of storytelling.

Student SG

SG was a mutual colleague of ours in a rival rogue team who had separated from his wife after she had an “emotional affair” with a colleague of hers – that was code for fucking.

SG was shorter, unkempt, and appeared clueless with women after his marriage blowup. He shared his story of trying to bring a Thai girl to Australia he met. He also blew up a set I had opened at a work party with two Irish girls because he lingered too long and they walked away.

Kondo had also been coaching SG on how to get women. SG had shared with Kondo his recent membership to a site called Seeking (known as Seeking Arrangements). Kondo had never heard of it and researched it – there were something like 8000 women in the Sydney basin using this app.

Kondo set to work to craft a story for SG – something that would lift him from:

(A) about a 5 in looks, unionised public sector worker, zero interests, lack of physicality; to

(B) a self-employed architect earning $400K a year designing eco-friendly women’s shelters across the South Coast; former football player who suffered a back injury; and real estate tzar.

Soon SG’s mailbox was flooded with offers and he met a nurse at Bondi for a few drinks before going back to her house to fuck. More stories followed: a Canadian hotel worker, a Thai girl, a handful of Australian girls.

Photos were shared – they were attractive women (7s and 8s) and, according to SG, did not ask for any financial commitments or anything in return. There WERE running costs, of course, but no specific request for money.


So what is Storytelling?

According to Coach Kondo, a “woman can outdo a friend in the attention stakes with one or more elements”:

1. Money – investment banker

2. Power – CEO, celebrity, senior official

3. Adventureexcitement

Adventure can also be a private story for the woman to replay in her head – fast seduction, public sex, fear of getting caught, cheating, etc. While she will probably keep most Adventures private, there are times where she will share with her friends.

Dark Female Psychology

SG had none of these elements when he started using Seeking, however the story he crafted for himself included Money and Adventure.

Why Adventure? Well, some of the women he was sleeping with were in long-term relationships and just felt bored. Joining Seeking and setting up a meetup with a rich, successful man (although fake) was enough excitement to get over the threshold.

SG’s success with Storytelling raised him from a 5 in the eyes of a woman to about an 8. The elements of the Story included Money and Adventure.

All of it was fiction – yet it was accepted by the women and aroused them to the point of having sex with SG, sometimes repeatedly.

SG, to his credit, developed his Story into a piece of verbal wizardry. He described visualising the girl undressing herself with each milestone in the Story. His Frame was rock solid which is required for this kind of Game.

What does SG’s situation tell us about the arousal triggers in women particularly given the whole story was fake?

It’s a dark element of female psychology – proof of the impact on women of the Dark Triad characteristics (Narcissism, Machiavellianism, Psychopathy), in this particular case, Machiavellianism.


Most men are unable to consolidate on Money and Power so it remains for the average guy to:

(A) create a fake unprovable back story on Money and/or Power; or

(B) be the short-term guy that gives them a thrill and emotional rollercoaster, providing them with the Adventure that they crave.

Retrospective on Storytelling

Looking back on my life with women, I never had any of the elements that make for a good Story.

Only recently has Game has given me the Adventure element:

1. Making out with and receiving a handjob during a date

2. Fucking a girl in a rockclimbing gym

3. Fucking a girl while our kids played in the front room

4. Outdoor sex in a park

5. Fast sex in a private room at a party

6. Making out with a married woman

I now try and incorporate one of the three elements – Adventure – into every interaction I have with women.

I do not have the Frame yet to concoct a fake story of Money and Power just to lay women.

5 thoughts on “Storytelling: A Tale of Two Students

  1. Great breakdown of an important concept.

    I think giving women experiences is the key to long term retention if you’re going to be openly non-monogamous. It comes down to fucking them good but also giving them a variety of experiences so they never quite know what to expect. Add in an element of mystery as well.

    I think of it as leading a dance. You choose the steps and she gets to twirl around

    It’s why girls like romance novels over visual porn. They like the context, the experience. Give it to them


  2. Hey man. This is good post. Well written, I love the style. I am going to shoot my mouth off about the content, but I love the style.


    > According to Coach Kondo, a “woman can outdo a friend in the attention stakes with one or more elements”:
    > 1. Money – investment banker
    > 2. Power – CEO, celebrity, senior official
    > 3. Adventure – excitement

    I will argue (over and over) that THIS ^ is “good story” from a man’s POV… not necessarily a woman’s.

    Kondo sounds like the real deal. I am guessing he is masculine and thinks like a man. And that could be why he laid out “male logic” for the story elements. This comes up a lot in advice to men from other men. The “Dark Triad” (which I think is mostly ridiculous garbage, men LARPing) is that kind of advice. Robert Greene male gamma fantasies about who they wish they were, and why that should be compelling to women (it’ll never help those guys).

    All that is a “60%” accurate (at best) read on women. Probably less.

    I heard it again today… it’s looks/money, right? Male POV.

    What about… ROMANCE AND SEDUCTION? We call it GAME. We call it SEDUCTION. But when we break it down, it’s money/looks/power/”abuse”/adventure. Where is the game? Where the seduction?

    So… I would argue:

    > (B) be the short-term guy that gives them a thrill and emotional rollercoaster, providing them with the Adventure that they crave.

    That this is partially right. Partially. I think I show girls adventure… but I rarely aim for that. I aim to be seated next to them.

    Why? So I can touch them. Escalation > everything else (credit Jason Savage). SEDUCING HER (giving her the eyes, putting your hand on her leg while you tell “adventure” stories) while you talk.

    > I now try and incorporate one of the three elements – Adventure – into every interaction I have with women.

    This is my favorite part of your post. I bet that makes your sets more “fun.”

    Fun… BTW… also works to get laid. Not very “dark triad” (I know), but it IS TRUE that fun guys get laid and unfun ones do not (sorry Robert Greene fans).


    I have chosen to head down the ROMANCE path. Fuck Disney… I mean the Seducer’s Romance path. It is less common than wannabe alpha… but that doesn’t mean it is any less effective. And it’s totally undersold in the community.

    From the POV of a proper “seducer”… it is easy to see how “male POV” game is very shortsighted about available tactics. It’s how you sell ebook to men. Or make gold diggers agree to dates. But it’s not how you make women wet… not IMAO.

    If you’re an artist (and I believe you are), I would urge you to look at some ROMANCE style role models. They get laid, a lot…

    AND THEY NEVER HAVE TO LIE… because seduction, game and ESCALATION (that is a big one) is enough.

    It’s more than enough. And not necessarily “short term.” You can have LTRs based on seduction/sex/romance alone. Definitely.

    Maybe not with the sweetheart girls on SA… but for healthy, non-gold diggers (which might, possibly make better dates)… yes, it is a viable strategy.

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