Field Report 001 – With Wing “Counsel”

Counsel and I had met at a Daygame workshop in Sydney and I was intrigued by him. He was Indian yet threw me with an Irish accent (which I later found was a hybrid expatriate accent from his time in Dubai). He seemed keen to wing yet lived in Wollongong. We set a date for a night out where he would stay at mine and then we would daygame the next day.

Our text exchanges showed some similarity in our philosophy and purpose – repeat, dominant sex with women vs new notches.

Over drinks and dinner we shared the pre-winging ritual of notch-ery, Red Pill knowledge and Game principles. I felt like a teenager sharing notch stories, the kind of rush I had not had in years.

We went to my local area Kings Cross. My pitch to him was some Night Game at some smaller bars and mingling places rather than the big clubs that we clearly were not our kind of place.

At one small downstairs dive bar – Chachi’s – we scanned the place and ordered drinks. Counsel seemed a little nervous and I sensed he needed a drink to get started. (Later I was surprised at his sheer lack of approach anxiety). My approaches:

1. Opened an 18 year old who was there for her birthday. Great figure, easily teased. With the boyfriend who looked like a grub.

2. Opened a crazy old Chinese woman with a sailor’s hat as a pawn to get to an Asian girl toward the end of the bar. Stopped short as I was distracted with another Asian girl who appeared as was about to open the first one. Grabbed the old bird’s breast by accident. C cup.

3a The surprise Asian girl happened to engage immediately and I launched straight into my groping incident. She sympathised … and then made a second launch about an old girlfriend of mine who covered her breasts when we fucked because she thought they were too small. This girl was of similar size. She later joined her friends at a Pac Man table and I had to work out a second approach.

3b Asian girl re-approached and loud Aussie blonde friend intervened. The Loud One and I joked about how it was polite to saying hello before dragging a guy to a toilet to give him a blowjob. I neutralised her and asked whether she was the nominated Cockblock for her Asian friend. She told me I had already been pre-approved by the Board. Later I openly hit on the Asian girl and handed her my phone with the name title Random Asian Girl. Number close. A nice moment later where I held her hand for a bit a la Sixty Years of Challenge.

We left and Counsel did a Guttergame set of a posh woman waiting for a UberShare (obviously not that posh). He recounted it afterwards to me and mentioned he had tested the number after he had number closed her. Oh dear. (This was a good lesson, along with working on the idea of girls in motion vs stationary girls and how to soften the approach.)

A quick dip into Tatler’s across the road. No approaches but I did reach out my hand to a few girls to see if they would bite…and moved very slowly against a woman and took her hand) who had given me a strong Indicator of Interest while dancing. We were done by this time.

I bought some tobacco, paper and filters on the way home. This was one of my lessons from the date with the Dutch girl – smoke a little if she does.

Next day we went to the markets in Potts Point. I opened a two-set of Brazilians, a weird set as I hit on both girls, disqualified myself from the less interesting one as I told her she looked like my cousin, then launched into Portuguese with the other. She took my number with the offer of a beer with her friend later. It never eventuated.

Counsel and I walked up to Hyde Park. For a man who had never made a cold approach I was amazed at his lack of approach anxiety. His approaches:

1. Young blonde in motion, front stop, turned out to be a lesbian which was later proved true by a gay friend of hers walking past.

2. Seated blonde on the grass, long set, as a random British guy and I watched on and ran a commentary on Counsel’s brass balls and fearlessness. German nanny, Facebook details.

Takeaways from this report:

1. Tobacco on hand for girls who smoke

2. Good night game venues resemble American bars where everybody socialises

3. Counsel has little approach anxiety

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