Daygame Bootcamp – Part Two

Say I treated it like a field report for the two days:

1. Swedish girl – wheel around front stop, much better looking during the interaction, commented that Swedish guys only ever do this when they are drunk, last two days in Sydney …. but no close.

2. Hungarian girl – wheel around front stop, figure skater, dreamy and flirty, commented that (insert nationally) guys never do this, has a boyfriend … then a brief moment of doubt where she equivocated when I said “I don’t want to be your boyfriend”…but no close.

3. Malaysian Chinese girl – IoIs, front approach, giggly and friendly, then when I asked her about her passions she mentioned a piano …. and we were standing next to one. One song each, I sang. Strong close, got the number, later told me by text she was “being friendly”, was “bi” and “leaned towards woman”. (Predictable)

4. Argentinian – wheel around front stop, moving very quickly, dressed in black for her hospitality job. When I mentioned a South American sway, she said yes and it lead to picking her as Argentinian. I told her I had been to Buenos Aires earlier in the year she crossed her arms and said “bullshit – you’re lying”. I said: “hey, with that attitude you must be porteña (from Buenos Aires)”. A lot of sass, push back, attempts to escape … but a number close and texting back and forth.

5. Dutch – saw her a number of times before I made an approach in Martin Place. Good set, sun in my eyes, a few eye spazzes and some light shoulder punching. Number close and my first Daygame date (future post).

6. Plenty of bad sets – no proper stop, ejecting when a girl grabbed her handbag, ejecting when a girl was on the phone however had crossed her legs as an IoI, missed approach due to construction noise, missed approach due to weaselling a number of times, hiding behind fatigue as an excuse to not approach.

Daygame excites the senses and gives more highs and lows than I’ve ever experienced.

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