Daygame Bootcamp – Part One

I went to a Daygame meetup a few weeks ago which was advertised through Michael Daygame PUA to see a well-known Daygamer called Yad. Well, Yad was stuck in Singapore and the presenter went on to be a young guy by the name of Paul.

Paul gave a good presentation on Daygame under the watchful eye of the bar manager and two HBs serving drinks at the small bar attached to the function room. I was intrigued – should I take the plunge and get some coaching?

Daygame contacts had been hard to find in Sydney … yet the world opened up to me that night and a few connections formed. But what’s was I supposed to do on the street?

Paul and I met for a two day bootcamp – first a coffee to discuss my situation and story (a bit like the born-again Christians telling their sinful past … except for Betas it’s always the opposite – a clean past); and then up to Hyde Park for the first cold approach sets I had ever done in my life.

I remember it clearly – a young Brazilian girl with a sports bag walking away from me … and Coach (as I called him) told me to go do a front stop and compliment her. There was a rush of adrenaline and then I …. did it.

Surprisingly, she reacted positively and thanked me for it. The mental load was too much and it felt like my brain was bursting as I walked back to Coach Paul.

We talked about Indicators of Interest – mostly eye contact (and its various levels of intensity and frequency) – and I noticed a double eye take from a girl sitting on a bench. We walked past … and I had to return and open the set. There was no number close, a fumbled exchange and then I left.

Later, about ten minutes after, Coach Paul showed me a set and while it was happening, Double Take walked past me, taking a very long and circuitous route to get to her appointment … right past me. The Law of Proximity came into play … and after a weird set citing eyelash extensions and throwing in some talk about my son, I got her number. (She later didn’t bother replying to a text, but who cares?)

My very first number close.

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