Reframing and Pickup

The Player’s Journey – in my words, a giant reframing exercise for a man expressed in the form of pickup and game.

KrauserPUA talks about this (and thanks to the link from MichaelDaygame) and inspiration for writing came from The Red Quest.

For me it was the crushing feeling of leaving my son to live with his mother and realising that the Blue Pill dream of goodness through investing left me with nothing. Typical Beta story but why would pickup help?

I came home, ended a monogamous relationship with the words “I’m a lover and don’t want an exclusive relationship”, got my own place, hit dating apps and social circle game, and had sex with three leads in five days. One online lead, one night game lead, one old single mother lead.

A string of hard blue balls ensued – a local girl who felt pressured for sex after three dates, a Brazilian who didn’t want to come over after three dates, a Kenyan girl naked on my floor who said she “didn’t like sex” after being massaged and fingered, a Dutch girl who only wanted condom sex after indicating my clear STI results.

A challenge was set for me by a colleague – 24 dates by 24 December with 50% converting to sex. It felt like schoolboy locker talk. A map was set out at work with an asterisk indicating a lay and a circled number over the country in question.

Another colleague broke a long drought by dipping into Seeking and getting three raw lays within two weeks. The competition was set and it was game on.

Daygame and pickup resources became my staple – Mystery Method, Tom Torero, Krauser PUA, Heartiste, Goldmund and a string of Red Pill and game blogs to help me. There was sympathy within the community, an understanding of how something as simple as sleeping with women could transform a man.

And then the reframing set in. I started qualifying women, not seeing them again if they were flakes or the sex was ordinary, buying sex toys and sexting, hitting on lots and lots of women, becoming a cad of sorts and sexualising situations.

A small but subtle shift occurred as well – a sensing of sexual tension with women, an awareness of the delicate glances and fuck-me stares that are given in an instant. I never imagined that the Red Pill sat just below the surface and I could not see it.

Then the girl I was seeing before re-entered the picture. She knew it was wrong for her – she wanted a monogamous relationship – but, surprisingly (or not for people in this community), she didn’t care. The sex was hotter and dirtier than ever. We had sex in a spare room at a party; on the lounge while my son slept in another room; and the dominance got stronger and stronger. Now the relationship has been reframed as non-monogamous … which is exactly where it should have been initially.

The Betas of the world don’t know what the other side is like…and when you discover it you kick yourself for not knowing. It becomes personal – why did nature make me the Beta? Why am I not rewarded as a man? Why is it my struggle and not for others?

The struggle just makes the Player’s Journey more exciting.

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