Ego Burst

TL;DR – reason behind desire to learn Daygame/pickup and document my seduction journey

Life wasn’t meant to be easy.

At 37, having had a successful career, travelled the world for pleasure and work, and with a host of interests and passions under my belt – music, singing, comedy, dance, languages – I decided that once-and-for-all I would slay the beast and learn seduction and pickup.

It was an ego burst – I had the look, the lip and the personality and yet, and yet … ten missed approaches on Day One.

Like many men, learning seduction and pickup is borne out of failure with women, of a lack of early reference experiences, of not possessing any of the natural abilities other men have to seduce women. Really it’s a battle to overcome the Beta, slay the fat kid mentality, burn the Nice Guy image. For me, it was never settling for things I didn’t really like in my life and yet I still failed at.

The Daygame desire came at a cruel time – I left my four year old son to live with his mother and, after a period of grief, on the return drive listened to a host of Tom Torero podcasts on daygame and pickup. I arrived home, ended a monogamous relationship I was in, and dove deep into pickup, Red Pill and the desire to never again fail at things I didn’t really want for my life.

This is a truly transformative process – the changing nature of a man becomes clear. I have learnt, in a very short time, that I can go after what I want with women – and get it. The frame is the thing – women begin to respond to what you want and accept the frame that you present.

I will document in the next post the reframing process with the person wit which I had a monogamous relationship … that is now non-monogamous and hotter than ever.

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