Day One: Daygame

Zero approaches.

The weasels got to me early on and I approached old men and women, couples, a black guy on holiday, and wait staff. Ended up with four great portrait shots with my camera … but the purpose was to make ten approaches to women I found attractive.

Missed approaches:

1. Asian girl taking selfies next to the harbour

2. Her Latin friend

3. Blonde girl on the blanket in the park

4. Dreamy Arab girl who walked past me

5. Dreamy Latin girl in an orange top

6. Arab girl on the train who looked troubled

7. Brunette in matching leather pants and jacket

8. Numerous women strolling down the lane way while I had a tea

9. Asian girl on the train

10. Eastern European looking girl at the base of the stairs

The fact I can list these shows that I paid attention to what I found attractive … and then no action.

God help me.

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